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    Top 5 Best Men’s Leather Bracelets to Wear in Public

    Top 5 Men's leather Bracelet

    Mens have been wearing bracelets since the early 1950’s. I decided to compile a list of the top leather bracelets for men to wear in public Best Men’s Leather Bracelets Furuida Genuine Leather Cuff Wrap Bracelet First on this list is a genuine leather cuff wrap bracelet from Furuida, utilizing texture and various shades of […] More

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    American Crew’s Firm Hold Styling Gel Review

    American crew's styling gel review

    When it comes to styling gels, the plain truth is that they aren’t as strong or long lasting as other hair products. That being said, American Crew’s Firm Hold Styling Gel is one of the most well-rounded products of its type on the market. Offering a healthy, firm, natural hold that won’t flake even if […] More

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    American Crew Molding Clay Review

    American crew molding clay review

    American Crew’s Molding Clay is an extremely versatile styling tool, offering a mix of nature and expressiveness with its medium shine. In addition, its extra-strong hold will last all day long without fading, and won’t leave you with an uneven mess of hair for your first hour of having it in. Recommended for normal hair, […] More

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    Top 5 Best Hair Wax to Style Your Hair

    best hair wax for hair

    Is your hair having trouble combatting the humidity? Are your strands becoming too pesky to not use a product? In this article, we’ll show the top five hair wax you should be using to keep your hair in place! Best Hair Wax For Men 2018 TIGI Bed Head B for Men Those of you who […] More

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    American Crew Grooming Cream Review

    american crew grooming cream review

    American Crew’s Grooming Creme is an incredibly versatile styling product that will leave you with a proper shine that doesn’t come off wet or artificial. Its strong hold and malleability ensure that it’s likely to work for whatever style you’re going for. Specifically designed for people with straight hair, this product can also be beneficial […] More

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    Best Mens Luxury Watches to Buy in 2018

    best luxury watches for men

    Whether old-fashioned or new school, the best luxury watches for men always have that certain look and level of quality that you just can’t find anywhere else. There are a lot of them out there, which is why it’s worthwhile to take a look at the best of the best. Best Mens Luxury Watches 2018 […] More

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    Fix Your Hair With The Best Hairspray for Men of 2018

    best hairpsray for men

    In the past, hairspray was really just targeted at women. However, it’s 2018. Today’s man can wear is hair however he likes and a whole new world of men’s grooming products are now available to him, so that he can achieve any look he wants. With all these new male-oriented hairsprays popping up everywhere, it’s […] More

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    6 Best Japanese Watches for Men with Style

    best japanese watches

    In the world of watches, Japanese watches are a standout for their highly accurate timekeeping, making them highly sought-after goods for those who value reliability as well as style. Best Japanese Watches for Men 2017 Seiko Men’s SNE098 Solar Analog Japanese Watch The Seiko Men’s SNE098 Solar Analog Japanese Quartz Silver Watch is a highly […] More

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    The 6 Best Designer Wallets for Mens 2018

    best designer wallets for men

    You may think that the designer wallets should be super different than the standard wallets you can find in any store—but that’s only half true. The top designer wallets function like your dad’s trusty wallet from the ‘80s—except with an exceptionally high standard of quality. And that doesn’t just mean looks. A great designer wallet […] More

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    Different Hair Styling Products For Men

    best hair styling products for men

    For a long time, guys were limited to a handful of hair styling products. But as of 2018, that’s all changed. Nowadays, men wear styles from pretty much every era of the last 200 years plus all the latest styles of today. So, what does that mean for men’s hair styling products? It means that […] More

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