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    The Best Hair Loss Concealers & Hair Fibers Reviewed

    hair concealers review

    Baldness can begin at various stages for men and may result from genetics, stress, medical conditions, or other reasons. The symptoms of hair loss can begin with men as early as age 25, with noticeable thinness and shedding occurring thereafter. Typical male pattern baldness is a common condition, but that fact does not make those […] More

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    The Top Five Electric Razors That You Can Buy For 2019

    Keeping clean-shaven is a mark of a dapper man. For this 2019, if you want to keep your face looking clean, you’ll want to go beyond traditional razors. This is where the year’s best men’s electric shavers can come to help. An electric shaver can do a cleaner and quicker shave than an ordinary razor. […] More

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    A Closer Look at the Oster Model 10 Clippers

    oster model 10 review

    The Oster model 10 is one of the amazing clippers you will find in the market today. It is an improved clipper and has been a legend in the grooming world for many years. The clipper is perfect for achieving the desired look based on its unique craftsmanship. It also features a distinct traditional technique, […] More

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    DermMatch Concealer for Men Review

    dermMatch coosing the right color

    When thinking about a hair concealer, many think about the fibers that will get blown away when stepping out of the door in the morning or other solutions that don’t really work. In fact, these kinds of solutions for thinning hair are still in the niche of not-working-or-not-looking-naturally. It took me quite some time to […] More

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    Can Vitamin D Deficiency Lead to Hair Loss?

    vitamind d defiency hair loss

    With around 41.6% of Americans experiencing a vitamin D deficiency, we’ve been wondering whether it leads to hair loss. There is evidence to suggest that it can. As one of the most important nutrients we can get, it helps our bodies’ organs thrive. Not only do our bones rely on it for their strength, your […] More

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    Beard Bolt XL Review

    Beard Bolt XL Review

    Before having a beard, I never realized how much work they were. I thought you just let it grow and occasionally trim it, but it is so much more than that. A key factor in keeping your beard happy and healthy is using beard balm, but finding the right one isn’t always easy. It’s hard […] More

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    Ultrax Labs Hair Solaye Conditioner Review

    Ultrax Labs Hair Solaye Review

    I was blown away when I learned how many hair and hair problems exist. However, there are products that help mitigate these problems, such as Ultrax Labs Hair Solaye Caffeine Hair Stimulating Conditioner. Below, is my review of Ultrax Labs’ Hair Solaye. Top Ultrax Labs Hair Solaye Conditioner Ingredients Caffeine As the name suggests, this […] More

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    The Link Between Prostaglandin D2 and Hair Loss

    PGD2 and hair loss

    Also known as PGD2, Prostaglandin D2 is an enzyme we recognize as the ‘hair loss’ enzyme. Those of us who have androgenic/pattern baldness have higher amounts of PGD2 than most people. While PGD2 has a significant effect on many areas of our bodies, we’re more concerned with how it affects your scalp and why it […] More

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