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    How to Use Ketoconazole for Hair Loss Efficiently

    Ketoconazole for hair loss

    In the world of hair loss treatments, ketoconazole began life as an anti-dandruff remedy. Not long after its introduction, scientists began to see that its ability to tackle fungi and reduce inflammation allows it to play a role in reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth. Understanding more about this substance, where you’ll find it, […] More

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    Can Working Out Cause Hair Loss?

    can working out cause baldness

    The relationship between working out and hair loss is a tricky one. It’s a great example of how you can have “too much of a good thing.” In an era where fitness and losing weight are high on many a person’s priorities, some of us are now exercising to the extent that we accelerate the […] More

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    PhytoWorx Hair Recovery and Regrowth Supplement Review

    PhytoWorx Hair Recovery and Regrowth Supplement Review

    Hair loss isn’t something that you should be forced to just live with. A full head of hair can help boost your self-confidence and improve your overall mood. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a product that actually regrows hair and stops thinning. A very popular hair loss supplement is PhytoWorx Vitamins Supplement. I […] More

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    PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo Review

    PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo Review

    If you really want to tackle hair loss head on, you need a shampoo that will work for you. Lots of commercial shampoos contain harsh chemicals that you may be sensitive too, and may even be part of the reason for your hair loss. A good hair loss shampoo will clean hair and stimulate growth […] More

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    How to Make the Most of Microneedling for Hair Loss

    micro needling treatment for hair growth

    As a cosmetic procedure that has taken the beauty world by storm, microneedling is now a therapy that you can use to treat hair loss. The process involves using a device called a dermaroller, which features small fine needles that make tiny puncture holes in the skin. In response to this method, your body begins […] More

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    The Ultimate Guide on How to Regrow Hair Naturally for Men

    How to regrow hair naturally

    Learning how to regrow hair naturally is not an easy task. The most common cause of hair loss in men is something called androgenetic alopecia, which can occur in both men and women. However, when it occurs in men—which it most often does—it’s commonly called male pattern baldness—a term you’ve probably heard your entire life […] More

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    What is the Relationship Between Green Tea and Hair Loss?

    Green Tea for hair loss

    As a herb that’s been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine, Green Tea is famous for treating everything from obesity through to depression. Today, it’s so popular that you can buy it from local stores, allowing you to enjoy its antioxidant properties. In addition to containing B vitamins, green tea is rich in […] More

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    Running Out of Hair Loss Treatment Ideas? Why Not Try Emu Oil

    emu oil for hair loss

    While it may seem a little left-field, Emu oil is one of the latest hair loss therapies people worldwide are trying. As the name suggests, this oil comes from the flightless bird that you’ll only find in Australia. Much like fish oil, it’s rich in Omega-3s, which means it comes with plenty of health benefits. […] More

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    Kirkland Minoxidil vs Rogaine: Which one Should You Buy?

    kirkland minoxidil vs rogaine

    Minoxidil is a hair growth product that was discovered by one doctor attempting to treat his patient’s hypertension. In 1971, a dermatologist noticed that his patient began experiencing better hair growth after her cardiologists introduced Minoxidil as a last-ditch effort to lower her blood pressure. It wasn’t until the eighties, however, that it was licensed […] More

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    Using Lavender Oil to Treat Hair Loss

    Lavender oil for hair loss

    As a herb that belongs to the mint family, lavender is a substance that most people associate with soothing themselves and inducing sleep. For thousands of years, individuals from across Europe have incorporated it into their everyday natural health routine, including treating hair loss. The Romans were particularly keen on using lavender for medicinal purposes, […] More

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    Can Lack of Sleep Cause Hair Loss?

    can lack of sleep cause hair loss

    In a world where many of us lead busy lives, sacrificing sleep for work is tempting. Ideally, we should all achieve between six and eight hours of sleep per night. However, some people are able to manage with less, while others can’t function without more. Usually, a poor night’s sleep goes hand-in-hand with stress. Then, […] More

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