Beards are one of the most popular styles of “hair”, even though their texture isn’t quite the same as regular hair on the head. Because of their growing popularity, there are a number of products and styling methods that can help you preserve the health of your beard, as well as the style. When you keep up with your beard’s appearance, you’ll be taken more seriously, and feel better while looking better. You’ll get to learn more about the beard that rests on your face.

If you haven’t fully grown your beard yet, you may want to know growing information from the get-go. While patience is key, we’ve learned through researching that it takes around 3 months to grow a full beard. The first three weeks will give pretty significant stubble, but after that, you’ll have to “trim” a bit more around the edges and clean up a little more. After week 6, you’ll see that it’s starts to look more like a beard should, and no patchiness will be seen. By week 12, you should have a full-grown beard that you’re happy with! It’s all about listening to your body and tracking your progress (if you’re that serious about it). If you just want to learn tips and cool info about your beard, continue read.

You Didn’t Inherit Your Beard from Your Dad

You know when you visit your family once a year on the holidays and they always make a connection between your beard and your grandpa’s or your dad’s? Well, they’re talking out of their butt a bit. Sure, you’ll naturally look like a male in your family when you both are sporting beards, but beards have nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with your body processing testosterone during the stages of puberty.

It’s worth mentioning that the thickness may have something to do with genetics, in how your beard hair responds to the various levels of testosterone that your body sees. While direct genes haven’t been identified quite yet in these studies, the thickness of a beard (not the ability to grow a beard) may be linked to your grandfather after all.

Shaving or Trimming Doesn’t Help

Much like the old “trim your split ends and your hair will grow!” myth, shaving or trimming doesn’t encourage hair to grow faster. You may think this because when you’re growing from nothing, you see it fill in, as opposed to when your beard is fuller, it’s hard to tell if there is any new growth, unless it gets scraggly.

What Exactly Does Beard Oil Do?

As we mentioned, you’ll be learning more about beard products in the next sections. When you do stumble upon this area, you’ll learn more about beard oils. So, what exactly can a beard oil do you for? In short, beard oils are great if you want to maintain or encourage growth in terms of thickness and length. Using the best beard oil on your beard will also help with maintenance, and it will allow you to look more kempt and tidy. You also won’t need to use much at all, so one purchase should last you quite some time. Beyond this, you’ll want to invest in a great moisturizer to continue to preserve the tidiness of your beard.

“My Significant Other Hates the Texture!”

Thankfully, your significant other won’t have to deal with the scraggly and scratch phase for long. As your beard grows longer, it becomes a bit softer as the ends aren’t sticking straight out towards them anymore. When you use a combination of products, you can reduce this feeling for them while you both wait for it to grow out. Remember: the longer it is, and the more well-kempt it is, the less scratchy it is for your significant other. Don’t let them coerce you into shaving it!

On Grooming Adepts, you’ll find more about facial hair styles, beard care, and beard tips. From products, oils, balms, and more, you’ll be able to tend to your facial hair with ease and with superb care. Change the way you’re perceived when you change how you tame your mane. Beyond this, learn to tame the texture to help those you become intimate with, as they won’t have to deal with scratchiness during the “growing out” phase.

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