Beard Flux XL Review

Beard Flux XL Review

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Maintaining a beard is no easy feat. There’s all sorts of products for beards and the manufacturer would have you believe you need them all. You can kind of pick and choose what beard products to use, a common one is beard oil. Beard oil has all sorts of benefits and each oil is a little bit different. So, without further ado, here is my Beard Flux XL review.

Beard Flux XL Ingredients

The five main ingredients in Beard Flux XL are as follows:

  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Horsetail Extract
  • Vitamin A, C, and E
  • Vitamin B1, B6 and B12
  • Biotin

Beard Flux XL is made with only nonhormonal ingredients. Most men with patchy beard growth are due to a vitamin deficiency.  That’s why Beard Grow XL uses vitamins and other nonhormonal supplementary ingredients to promote fuller, better beards because it’s safe and effective.

Beard Flux XL uses vitamins A, C, E as well as a plethora of B vitamins.  This includes biotin and B12 among others, to tackle any vitamin deficiencies head-on, including thinning beard hair in healthy men with normal hormone levels.

Saw palmetto is a type of fruit that’s used as a natural supplement.  It can be used to treat a variety of conditions, like migraine issues and asthma.  One of its most popular uses it to treat thinning hair.  Saw palmetto can help your beard hair grow in thicker and healthier looking.

Horsetail extract is mainly used to treat fluid retention but it also helps in improving the quality of hair growth and fingernail growth which is one of the top things that it is commonly used for.

Beard Flux XL contains MSM.  This is used to naturally increase hair growth.  MSM is a commonly used the supplement for people with mild general inflammation.  Calming down your autoimmune system can reduce hair loss since it reduces stress as well as improves health so your body focuses on hair regrowth.

On the package, the ingredients listed are argan oil, safflower oil, jojoba oil, amla oil, and caffeine, this is just an in-depth look at what is in those as well. Although some of the ingredients, like MSM, sound long and scary, it’s harmless and like I said earlier, is just there to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Beard Flux XL Review

Beard Flux XL
Beard Flux XL

The first thing I noticed is that it made my beard much softer but it wasn’t a greasy feeling it was more of a moisturizing.  Because it isn’t a heavy oil it did not cause any irritation to my skin while it softens my beard and helps it to fill in from being splotchy.  It is odor free so it doesn’t make me smell any different.  This makes it ideal for people who have tried other beard oils and were put off by the scent. I personally do not mind a light scented beard oil, but after reviewing several I also know that they aren’t all lightly scented. Some of the oils have very strong, unpleasant scents, which makes it difficult to wear all day. On the other hand, it’s easy to forget that you are even wearing Beard Flux XL since there is no smell.

While using this product for a short period of time I had a more distinguished look since my beard was no longer strangely looking. It not only conditions my beard but it also increases hair growth and greatly improves the fullness of my beard.  I have always struggled with a very splotchy looking beard.  Now it is full and looks so much better.  It is light enough that it doesn’t leave my beard feeling greasy and it doesn’t irritate my skin either.   The combination of several different vitamins works together with the other ingredients to give a great product.  It doesn’t take long to get used to, and it starts working almost immediately. However, if you do not see immediate results, be patient. It can take 3 to 4 weeks to start seeing results, and a little bit longer for the results you really want. Do not get discouraged if it takes a little bit longer for you, everyone is different, just be patient and consistent in your use.

Beard Flux XL side effects

I haven’t had any negative side effects, but I have only used it according to the directions. I’m sure if you don’t follow the directions, or use it incorrectly, like eating it, you might have some negative side effects. But if you stick to the directions on the package you should be good.

Other Products Worth Buying

Beard Flux XL will take good care of your beard, but for better results, you can use it in combination with a few other products. The first product I recommend is Beard Grow XL. Beard Grow XL is a bottle of 90 capsules that you take daily. The capsules contain several different vitamins that have proven to promote hair growth. If you already have a very thick beard, or have no problems growing a beard, these are not necessary, but still optional. The other product I would recommend is a beard balm, Honest Amish. Honest Amish is an all natural, organic, vegan balm that can work wonders for your beard. Especially when you combine it with Beard Flux XL.

Although Beard Flux XL is a superb oil, if you still aren’t convinced that it is worth it, another product to consider instead is Beard Bolt XL. It is another product from the same people who make Beard Flux XL, Delta Genesis. Rather than an oil, Beard Bolt XL is a balm, but it has many of the same benefits of Beard Flux XL, and they even share some common ingredients, like jojoba oil. If you would like to learn a little bit more about Beard Bolt XL before you make your decision, you can check our the review I did of that as well.

Does Beard Flux XL really work?

Overall, when you weigh all the benefits against all the drawbacks, there are more benefits, which that alone makes it worth the money to me. But I know not everyone follows that same logic. The oil does what it promises to do, it strengthens, nourishes, and grows your beard. Although it is only about 2.5 ounces, it will last you for a while. The key to making it last is not using too much. When you apply it, you only need about a pea size drop, maybe a dime size drop if your beard is already big, and then you just work it all through your beard, and mustache if you’d like. It is gentle enough that you can use it on all of your facial hair, including mustaches, and you’ll get all of the same great benefits.

Beard Flux XL | Caffeine Beard Growth Stimulating Oil for Facial Hair Grow | Fuel Healthy Growth | Fragrance Free Beard Oil
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Beard Flux XL | Caffeine Beard Growth Stimulating Oil for Facial Hair Grow | Fuel Healthy Growth | Fragrance Free Beard Oil
  • #1 Facial Formula to promote and encourage Healthy Facial Hair Growth
  • Provide your beard with the fuel it needs to maximize natural growth
  • 100% pure and organic
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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this oil is the real deal, and if you are serious about your beard health, I would definitely recommend looking into it. One oil will not work for everyone, you may want one with a scent, but this is definitely a strong contender for the best beard oil and one that is worth considering. After reading my Beard Flux XL review, I hope you have learned a little something, and hopefully come one step closer to finding the perfect beard oil for you.

Beard Flux XL
Beard Flux XL Review
Does the product work9
Ingredient Quality9.2
Reader Rating1 Vote7.8
Mess-free and easy to use
Fragrance-free & Organic
Prevents beardruff (beard dandruff)
Promotes Beard Hair Growth
Horsetail extract can interact with lithium
Saw palmetto can slow blood clotting
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