Beard Grow XL Review

Beard Grow XL is a vitamin supplement for beards that is tailor-made with beard-friendly components to support facial hair growth. I have now been using Beard Grow XL for three months and I can finally review without being biased.

Beard Grow XL ingredients

Beard Grow XL is packed with lots of high-quality components that are essential for the growth of your beard.


Vitamins A, E, C, and B1 that are included in the product’s composition are essential for your overall health and vitality. If your body lacks any of these four vitamins, this will result in bad looking beard and that’s exactly what we don’t want.


Biotin is another crucial ingredient because you need this vitamin to stimulate and increase your hair growth. It’s important to note that biotin is directly linked to hair growth production, so it’s essential that this vitamin is included in a beard growing supplement.

Saw Palmetto

It is widely known that Saw Palmetto boosts testosterone and this one of the reasons that this helped me get a thicker beard hair.

Horsetail extract

The horsetail extract is another ingredient included in this product that is worth mentioning. It’s incredibly beneficial for improving the quality of your skin, hair, and nails as well.

Beard Grow XL review

Beard Grow XL review

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I decided to give this product a try after spending a lot of hours online searching for the best possible supplements for filling up the patches and grow a thicker beard. I have been using Beard Grow XL for three months now, and I can tell you that I’m definitely satisfied with this product. I was on a strict daily routine of three pills, and I didn’t skip any of them. It’s important to strictly follow the instructions that this product comes with for it to work flawlessly.

I have to be honest with you and say that the last time I managed to grow my beard out, before purchasing Beard Grow XL, I used to see my hairs falling out every time I was brushing them and even when I ran my hand through my beard. My overall beard health was in a deplorable condition. Both my hair and my beard were fragile even if they were not looking terrible. But, after I took Beard Grow XL, I don’t shed any hairs when I’m brushing my beard when I’m running my fingers through them. Now, besides the fact that my beard looks great, it also feels great, and I can really feel the difference and the fact that it became healthier. The vitamins and other compounds from this supplement’s composition have left my beard extremely strong and my beard hair thick.

Filling up the patches

Another amazing thing that happened after a few weeks since I started taking the supplement was that I noticed how all the areas that used to look not too full of hair have now become filled entirely at a faster rate than I could ever expect. Now, my beard looks even, and I don’t have any gaps where the hairs are not that dense anymore.

A great thing is the fact that even after three months since I started taking the pills, I haven’t experienced any type of adverse effect at all. My beard just grew in really fast, and now it’s stronger and thicker than ever. The patchy areas are now completely filled. I can definitely say that this product is ideal for people like me who don’t necessarily have the healthiest and the most balanced diet but on the other hand who desire a healthy and a great-looking beard. Beard grow XL will compensate for the potential lack of beneficial substances that you usually get from food, fruits and veggies. I would recommend this product anytime!

Does Beard Grow XL really work?

Long story short, yes, it definitely works. You just have to take a look at the ingredients to see that Beard Grow XL is packed with substances and compounds that are ideal for promoting a healthy beard. This supplement works by supplying your body with everything that it needs in order to keep your beard healthy and strong. If you follow the instructions on the bottle and take the supplement for at least three months, you will definitely see the results.

Beard Grow XL side effects

If you are concerned that this product may come with some side effects, you can rest assured because it doesn’t. Beard Grow XL is different from other products that target the same purpose and that you can find on the market these days. This supplement for promoting beard growth is packed with natural, high-quality ingredients that will protect and strengthen your overall vitality and health.

Adding Beard Oil and Beard Balm to your regime

While Beard Grow XL is a nice product, adding a well-rounded beard oil and beard balm to your regime is a good idea. I’m a big fan of Delta Genesis and I found that Beard Bolt XL and Beard Flux XL are very good complements to XL. A combination of all 3 products gave me excellent results after only three months.

Beard Grow XL Before and after pictures

Here’s a few example of before and after pictures that we’ve found online.

beard grow xl before and after

4 months on Beard Grow XL

before and after using beard grow XL

one year on Beard Grow XL

Alternative solutions to Beard Grow XL

There are also some alternative products for Beard Grow XL that come at a cheaper price. The first one is Beard Growth Vitamins from Maxx Beard, and this supplement is also able to provide full, healthy and fast growing beard and mustache as well. This product also contains biotin and patented OptiMSM, compounds that are specifically designed for supporting healthy beard growth. The formula is all-natural, similar to the one of Beard XL, even if it does not contain as many beneficial ingredients.

The second alternative to Beard Grow XL is Beard Growth Support Vitamins that also promotes a fuller and thicker beard. The formula of ingredients supports natural hair growth and the product also promises to help reduce patchy areas. The composition includes healthy vitamins and minerals such as Biotin that is specially designed for men to support their hair and beard health.

Both products mentioned above are good and cheaper alternatives for the Beard Grow XL in you don’t want to invest more in such a supplement. However, none is as complete as Beard Grow XL and we consider that your beard is worth it.

Final Thoughts

If your facial hair is thin and you are not getting the growth that you’re dreaming of, then you can be sure that Beard Grow XL is the product that can revolutionize healthy hair growth stimulation from the inside out. This is one of the best product for beard growth that you can currently find on the market, and it’s effective for all facial types and ethnicities. Beard Grow XL will help will your mustache, beard, sideburn and also your chin/neck hair by enhancing hair growth and density. Try it for yourself, and we guarantee that you’ll become another happy, satisfied bearded customer.

Beard Grow XL

Beard Grow XL

Does the product work

9.6 /10


7.7 /10


8.4 /10

Ingredient Quality

9.8 /10


  • Made with healthy, proven beard-friendly vitamins
  • Contains well-known hair growth-supporting herbs
  • Hormone-free, so you don’t have to worry about side effects in that department
  • MSM, Choline and Inositol amp up hair growth action
  • Results manifest quickly, considering it’s an all-natural product


  • The Beard Grow XL capsules are not suitable for vegetarians