When Should You Start Shaving

What Age Should You Start Shaving?

WebMD advises teenagers that they should start shaving only when they feel like it’s time to start. Getting that feeling may be determined by how your facial hair looks or how it feels—or maybe you’re just curious about shaving, and now you feel your scruff is thick enough to try it out. Whatever causes you to decide to shave, it’s your business—embrace it.

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Perpetual adolescent extraordinaire Justin Bieber once gave the thumbs up to letting his peach fuzz fly.

If you’re a teen and your facial hair is at that stage where it’s thick enough to shave but you feel it’s too patchy to let our beard grow out, you may wish to start shaving. Learning to shave can be daunting, but check out this video tutorial, which breaks everything down for beginners:

All of that said, teens shouldn’t feel pressed into shaving. While your parents may have certain rules or your school may have a dress code that prohibits beards, aside from these two exceptions, you should grow out your beard if that is what you truly want to do. Beards are becoming more and more common in high schools, in large part due to current trends, but also the greater social acceptance of beards.

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But remember that beards are a commitment. While beard care is fun and makes you feel like man’s man, it takes a certain level of maturity and dedication. Your parents aren’t going to be happy if you spend all your money on beard care products only to abandon the endeavor, so until you have the time and patience to grow your beard out, know there is nothing wrong with keeping a short beard or even shaving it all off.

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