Growing a beard may come easy to some, while to others, it may take an incredible deal of patience that they just don’t have. Or maybe you’re someone that can grow a beard with ease but are wanting maintenance tips to keep it looking fresh. Whatever the case may be, check out our beard tips below to use your beard to its full potential.

Patience, Young Padawan

One of the most imperative tips that you’ll ever get from a fellow beard enthusiast is to be patient. Sometimes people have spikes in beard growth much longer after they’ve begun growing. You may not see results instantly, but they’ll come to those who wait. Try to leave your beard untouched for 4-6 weeks to see optimal growth, and know that it takes around 3 months for the average man to grow a full beard without patchiness. Although, this entirely depends on how your body responds to testosterone to fill in the thickness.

Matching with Your Face Shape

You may want a specific kind of beard that just isn’t right for your face shape. Hold the phone, though, as you don’t have to give up your dream of having a beard all-together, you just have to find the right beard for your face shape. There are quite a few charts online that match beard styles with beard shapes. From oval to round, to square jawlines, you’ll be able to find one that matches you perfectly.

Learn When to Trim

Another super important tip to know when you’re growing a beard is to know when to trim. As we said, you may want to wait 4-6 weeks initially before trimming your new beard, but after that, you’ll want to research various grooming tutorials to learn what trimming plan fits the beard you want, and fits your growth speed.

Regularly Wash Your Beard

Some guys don’t wash their beard at all, they simply think that water in the shower will suffice. It’s worth mentioning that you’ll want to scrub your beard multiple times a week to get out the excess contaminants, food particles, dirt, and more. There are tons of cleansers out there depending on the texture of your beard, the sensitivity of your skin, and more. During the earlier stages of growth, it’s imperative that you maintain the cleanliness.

Utilize Beard Oils and Other Products

Beard oils, balms, shampoo, and moisturizers of sorts, will be some of your best friends during your time of growth. Without, you won’t be able to maintain scraggly or rogue hairs that are coarse. If you have a significant other that doesn’t like the scratchiness, there are oils that will help both of you out. If you want to reduce irritation on your sensitive skin as your beard grows, you’ll also want to utilize a beard oil or another product that’s similar.

Of course, there are a ton of other tips, like not forgetting the mustache, eating a healthy diet to maintain protein and fat levels, as well as vitamins, and many more. Without, your beard may be suffering immensely and not up to its full potential.

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