Congrats! You’ve invested in a great styling product, but now you’re in the market for grooming accessories that will take your styling skills to the next level. While you’re just buying a trimmer or a razor, you’re going to want one that’s tailored for your lifestyle. Are you someone who travels? Great! There are portable and rechargeable trimmers and razors for you.

Types of Grooming Accessories

Are you someone who’d rather plug in and go? Even better! Check out the various types of grooming accessories that go far beyond trimmers below.


There are quite a few types of trimmers, and this is a pretty broad umbrella category. Some of these types of trimmers include the following:

  • Hair trimmers – An all-purpose device meant for many areas of the body, it’s not totally recommended that you use one of these, as they can snag on different hair textures that you’re trying to work out. While some are great, ones that are made for those parts of your body will suit you better.
  • Beard trimmers – Beard trimmers are great for those who want to clean up their face and still have a great beard at the end of the day. Depending on your skin type, you may want to go with something that’s meant for skin that’s a little more sensitive. You’ll also want something that doesn’t pull at the hair and irritate your skin further.
  • Ear and nose trimmers – It’s especially important to have a trimmer that’s specifically designed for ear and nose hair. Since the nostrils and ear canals areas are so small, you shouldn’t attempt to use any sort of trimmer other than one intended for those areas. Typically super small, they’re meant for sensitive areas and minimize pulling or nicking.
  • Bikini Trimmer – While normally meant for females, bikini trimmers are great for those who want to clean up the area “down below” and create a smooth oasis.


Everyone knows what a shaver is, but if you need a refresher and how it’s different from a trimmer, here we go: a shaver is a type of device that removes the hair when it comes into contact with it. They are mostly meant for getting all of the hair off, and not just trimming. Depending on the make and model you buy, these are meant for dry and wet shaving. You don’t have to use any sort of foam of shaving cream, and these are great for newbies to dive into grooming with. It’s also suggested that if you’re a newbie, you should try out a wet shaver first, so you don’t hurt yourself – especially if the device in question is electric.


If you’ve never used one before, you may think to yourself, “what the heck is a groomer?” In short, it’s a great trimming and shaving device for the more sensitive areas of the male body, including the abdomen, armpits, groin, and chest area. While we’re sure women can use this, groomers are typically manufactured to get those more coarse regions. There are adjustable heads within these units, and only feature a single head.


You’ve definitely seen these before, or your mom has used one on you when you were little. In short, a clipper is very similar to a trimmer, but it’s designed more for those that want to take out larger chunks of hair at once. These are great for hair dressers to use on longer hair, or those who want to maintain their short hair. Of course, there are attachments to help you get the shave you want, and it can be quite the versatile piece of grooming equipment.


We don’t think we have to explain this one much, but you might prefer a razor over other devices when traveling, for portability and ease of use. They typically cut close to the skin, much closer than any of the aforementioned devices, and you won’t want to use them dry, as they’ll give you a ton of irritation and “razor burn”.

On this website, you’ll find that we go more in-depth on trimmers, razors, clippers, and even accessories like brushes, combs, and the like. When you have a great toolkit to start out with, you’re going to look your best, as well as feel your best.

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