If you’re not a fan of clippers or trimmers, and want to start off with a basic razor, then you’ve come to the right place. Razors are a traditional and manual way to trim the hair on your face. Even though it’s engraved in our DNA that we always want something better, you don’t have to upgrade your razor to an entirely new device, as there are better razors coming out every year. If you want an old school style of shave with a badger hair shaving brush for lathering up the area, there are many products of the like that are modern while utilizing traditional shaving properties.

Benefits of using a safety razor:

  • You can get a pretty close shave – manual labor doesn’t mean that your shave won’t be fantastic and professional-looking
  • Safety razor is available in double-edge, as well
  • You don’t need any fancy attachments
  • Razor shaving is simplistic

There are a number of other benefits to using a traditional razor, including being able to get one of the closest shaves you can – all at your hand! It’s noted that the only other way to get an incredibly close shave is to use a straight razor. With these new devices, there is only so far you can go to get that close shave before you hurt yourself.

You can eliminate skin irritation entirely by using a great lathering product or soap. You may also want to invest in a pre-shave oil to ensure that your face will be in great shape post-shave. No pain, more control, and a great appearance – what more can you ask for?

Using a razor manually is probably one of the cheapest ways to shave, and it’s also one of the easiest to work with. When you invest in a great razor and lathering products, you won’t go back to using electronic razors or trimmers ever again. In fact, it actually takes less time to shave with a safety razor or a double edge razor than it does something like a straight razor or even clippers and trimmers.

You can also get a smoother shave by using the right type of razor versus an electronic device, which can leave a bit of stubble and still a bit of irritation. Providing an effortless shave that even the newest of shavers can make use of, razors are a great introductory piece to have in your manscaping tool kit. Razors are incredibly simple to get the hang of, and you won’t have to look up tutorial after tutorial on how to use your razor, like you would probably do for your clipper or trimmer.

Tips for buying a double edge razor:

  • Invest in something a little pricier, as super sharp and cheap model may do more harm than good.
  • These types of razor blades are incredibly sharp, and prepubescent boys/young teens shouldn’t be using them. Invest in another style of razor or trimmer until they get older.

At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference, and what may work for some people, maybe not work for you.

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