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Top 5 natural ways to make your hair grow faster

The beauty industry has widely grown in acceptance all over the world, among both men and women. For hair especially, the beauty industry has made it okay for people to try out new things, all in the search for cosmetic appeal.

Overall, everyone craves for a long and lustrous mane. If you are one of those people battling hair stagnation and malnourishment, here are top five natural ways to make your hair grow healthier and faster:

Always condition

Different people employ various frequency in washing their mane. For every hair wash, you must make conditioner your best friend; if you are keen enough, you will realize that your hair is thinner on the ends as the hair grows further from your scalp.

Conditioning helps to moisturize all your hair strands by locking in the moisture and sealing the cuticles of your hair ends, which prevents damage. The moisture will go a long way in protecting your strands from damage, whether in the hot or cold seasons.

Trim your ends

For a long while, people have understood hair trimming as a recipe for hair growth, and although there is a misconception to it, it is not entirely false. As our hair thins towards the ends, it becomes more prone to tangle, damage, breakage.

Trimming the ends of your hair has no direct contribution to your hair growth. Instead, it gets rid of the damaged and broken hair strands that can compromise the rest of your healthy hair, and this will cut down on unmerited shedding.

Using egg hair mask

Eggs are naturally rich in protein, and since hair depends on proteins for healthy growth, what better way to speed up your growth than treat your hair with an egg mask?

All you need for the hair mask is a teaspoon of hair oils, for example, olive oil, then mix it with the egg white. After a proper mixture, apply it to your hair, massage it on your scalp, and let it sit for a few minutes, before your shampooed wash. If you repeat this hair masking process once every month, you should see results in rapid hair formation, with an increase in volume and length.

Hot oil treatment

Different hair oils are essential for growing a healthy and lustrous mane. The most common types of oils you must try out are castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba, among others.

Hot oil treatment involves heating your preferred oil, or a mixture thereof, then massaging it on your scalp as you work your way through to the tips of your strands. After doing this thoroughly for a few minutes, you can wrap your hair in a shower cap and then let it dry, even with the help of a blow-dryer. The hot oil treatment with leaves your strands softer and healthier, while encouraging growth.

Avoid common mistakes

Mistakes like overusing your shampoo every time you heat the shower, going too much on heat, over manipulating and styling your hair, very tight hairstyles, among others, can cause you more damage than good, compromising your hair growth journey.

There you have it! These natural tips should guide you through your hair growth journey, and for more on your hair maintenance and management visit

Written by Robert B. Brown

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