The word “trimmer” is a very broad word that covers quite a few types of hair and places that you’d use said trimmer. In this article, we’ll check out a number of trimmers that will cut said hair in a fine manner, or if you just need an actual trim, the type of trimmer will absolutely matter. Fun fact: if you visit India, and you hear someone talking about a “zero machine”, this means they’re talking about or looking for a hair trimmer. Let’s look at the various types below:

Hair trimmers

the name says it all! But what hair does it trim, you ask? In short, these are typically called general purpose trimmers, and they don’t have one area of the body in which they function for. While this may seem super convenient, those that have more than one area of the body to shave shouldn’t use a hair trimmer for everything. It’s actually recommended to not use an all-purpose trimmer. Since hair is sensitive, and so are various parts of the body, the skin will react differently.

Beard trimmers

It doesn’t take rocket science to know that a beard trimmer is specifically for the beard. There are many types of beard trimmers, as well, and you can use a comparison chart to check out which one works best for the hair you have and the skin you have. If you’re someone who is more sensitive and prone to irritation, you’ll want to find one that’s anti-irritation specific. Since stubble beards are so popular, there are trimmers that specifically cater to this style.

Nose and ear hair trimmers

These trimmers are very specific and shouldn’t be used somewhere else, as they won’t do much for you besides potentially hurt you. A nose or ear hair trimmer has a super sensitive piece on the tip that does into smaller places and trims the hair around. There are some that have hair guards to catch the ear and nose hairs from falling everywhere. Since the areas are generally sensitive, these are meant to reduce or eliminate any nicks that could potentially occur in these areas. Just thinking about a pulled nose hair is making me cringe!

Bikini trimmers

While they are mostly designed for women, some men have become accustomed to using bikini trimmers to get that perfect shave. These are meant for the private regions and are meant to reduce sensitivity of shaving in those areas. It’s important to note that not every one of these trimmers are waterproof, so you must look further into the product specs.

Within the umbrella and within each type of trimmer, there are dozens more features to pinpoint and look at. Whether you have sensitive skin or you’re someone that has thicker and coarse hair, there’s something out there for everyone, and for an inexpensive price. At the end of the day, dive deeper into a specific niche of products to determine what works best for you, your hair, your skin, and your lifestyle.

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