How to Choose the Perfect Beard Trimmer

How to Choose the Perfect Beard Trimmer For Your Man

Beard trimmers are readily available in various styles, brands and price range to suit any gift-giving occasion. However, if you are a woman, searching to find that perfect beard trimmer for the guy in your life can prove to be a daunting task. As a woman, you are already familiar with what women would want, but men have different needs. In regard to beard trimmers, men have different hair textures and skin conditions, each requiring a different type of beard trimmer. If you are a woman who’s having a hard time shopping for the perfect beard trimmer for your man, here are some important questions you must ask yourself and your salesperson before buying.

What is the texture of his facial hair?

If your guy is growing a beard, what is the texture of his facial hair? Would you describe it as coarse, fine or somewhere in between? If he wears a short beard and currently owns a beard trimmer, does he suffer from hair bumps after using it? Does he wear a full beard or is it just a goatee? The best way to determine the texture of his beard and condition of his skin is to touch his beard simply. Don’t worry; I’m almost certain he won’t bite! šŸ˜‰ But whatever the texture of his beard or condition of his skin may be, grab a pen and a piece of paper and write it down. You are going to need this and the following information when you go shopping for his beard trimmer.

If your guy wears a long beard, does he allow it to grow all willy-nilly or does he use inferior instruments such as scissors and tweezers to keep it trimmed? Are his beard and sideburns shaped to grow together or separate from one another? When shopping for a beard trimmer, having knowledge of this information is crucial. Why? Because you want to look for a trimmer that is flexible and includes a feature that will allow your guy to select how long or short he trims his beard, mustache, nose hairs and sideburns. With the least expensive beard trimmers, this feature can consist of the trimmer head itself and different comb attachments in varying lengths and sizes whereas with the more expensive trimmers; this feature can consist of a built-in adjustable head or interchangeable heads and combs.

Which beard trimmer should I choose?

If questions 1 and 2 were satisfied, your answer to this question should be a no-brainer. The only other question left to answer is how much money you are willing to spend to buy your guy that perfect beard trimmer. Since their inception, beard trimmers have evolved quite a bit. With past trimmer models, men were subjected to minor injuries such as nicks, blade bites and razor burns. With today’s advances in beard trimmer technology, men no longer need to worry about falling victim to their trimmers. This simply means that even the least expensive beard trimmer can prove to be sufficient. But don’t dismiss the fact that men have different hair textures and skin conditions. As an example, my wife had an idea of what I wanted in a beard trimmer and shaver because she was somewhat familiar with how I wear my beard (or so she thought). So for Christmas, she surprised me with a top-of-the-line beard trimmer by Remington and a Braun’s self-cleaning shaver. To make a long story short, I still have the Remington trimmer, but the Braun self-cleaning shaver had to go due to the fact that it irritated my skin and didn’t shave close enough for my tastes. I later replaced it with a Norelco rotary razor. I guess one out of two ain’t bad! Get the picture?

Women’s and Shopping

If you are a woman shopping for that perfect beard trimmer for your man, then I congratulate you for reading this far. You obviously care a great deal about him and his special needs because you took the time to research the topic beforehand. Now you are armed with the knowledge and can shop with confidence in knowing that your gift will be well-received and won’t end up tossed in the trash or re-gifted like so many other things you may have to consider buying him. Men who wear beards want them to look as neat and presentable as possible. And now you are about to give him a useful and thoughtful gift that will make this possible for many years to come!

Written by Robert B. Brown

Dermatologist. Researcher. Writer. There are only two things more important than my beard in life; My wife and my two kids. I'm a guy full of surprise. If you don't hear me talk about my hair or beard, it's probably because I am watching the UFC.