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Wahl Color Pro Review – The Perfect Trimmer

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Wahl is a well-known name in the hair industry to both pros and those who cut their hair at home. They are also known in the equine world for making trimmers for horses. Wahl builds quality products that can last many years and is easy to use and handle. One of my favorite Wahl products would have to be the Wahl Color Pro Cutting Kit 79300-400T. This set is an excellent choice for those who are looking to achieve a quality trim in the comfort of their home. They have color-coded the clips to make know which clip will cut to which length so much easier. The Wahl Color Pro 79300-400T is easily usable by amateurs and pros. Let’s take a look at my Wahl Color Pro review:

Wahl Color Pro Features

My favorite feature with the Wahl Color Pro is definitely the color-coded attachments. Wahl created a color-coded system to help identify and remember which attachments are which lengths. There is no need to try and remember which are which lengths anymore with the amazing color system.

The self-sharpening blade has got to be in close second for one of my features. I must say that this is a time and money saver. No longer needing to worry about taking the blade off and having it sharpened. No worries about going to trim your hair and the blade being dull and catching the hair and pulling. Wahl Color Pro has the great feature of a self-sharpening blade that will last the life of the trimmer.

The soft touch grip of the Wahl Color Pro Cutting Kit 79300-400T is a nice feature as well. It means that the trimmer will stay in your hand nicely and not slip out or move around when you don’t want it to. It has a soft feel, and you don’t need to hold the trimmer with a death grip to keep it in your hand.

Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit, #79300-400T
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Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit, #79300-400T
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Wahl Color Pro Review – Wrap Up

Don’t let the low price of the Wahl Color Pro fool you. It may be priced on the lower end of other hair trimmers out there, but it is built to impress. I used the same barber for many years and when my barber decided to retire I didn’t want the headache of finding a new barber. So I purchased the Wahl Color Pro Set and for the last two years, I have been trimming my hair once or twice a month flawlessly. I made one small investment, and in return, I have saved the money for a trip to the barber a couple of times a month.

I am impressed; the Wahl Color Pro 79300-400T has delivered high quality, is lightweight and quiet enough that I can even use it on my toddler without any issues. I would recommend the Wahl Color Pro set to anyone who is looking to purchase a great product at a low price. The Wahl Color Pro is well worth the money.

Wahl Color Pro
Wahl Color Pro Review – The Perfect Trimmer
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Quiet motor
Self Sharpening blade
Professional Quality
Low price
Plastic Body
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