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Is a hair transplant still a taboo subject?

One of the biggest insecurities that men face is baldness. It can be tough to face up to the fact that you are losing your hair. For many men, it is a sign of aging that they do not feel comfortable with. Often, men who experience male pattern baldness may not feel that they are old enough yet to be going bald, and it can lead to an emotional and existential crisis. 

Thankfully, for men who want to retain their hairlines, there is a solution, the hair transplant. And, on a positive note, the stigma that is attached to getting a hair transplant is now something of the past, and men are able to confidently show the world their new hairlines. 

In the past, it may have been quite unthinkable to actually take affirmative action to manage your hair loss. A comb-over might be the best that you would achieve. Wearing a wig or even talking about getting a hair transplant would have been something that would have been met with ridicule. Now, thankfully, due to an improvement in the techniques used in hair transplants (i.e FUE Hair transplants) coupled with a change in male attitudes to grooming and self-care, we are seeing men who feel comfortable wearing their new hair. 


The stigma of baldness

Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition, however, many men have faced varying degrees of social stigma attached to it. Some men have even reported being discriminated against within the workplace due to their baldness, or overlooked professionally. Talking about baldness is something that many men have previously not felt comfortable with. 

One thing that can help overcome the stigma and loss of confidence attached to hair loss is a hair transplant. If having a hair transplant allows a man to feel more comfortable with his appearance, more confident around other people, and able to perform better within the workplace as a result, why should he not take this opportunity?


Hair transplants are not just for men

There are many benefits associated with getting a hair transplant. Better emotional wellbeing, more confidence, and a generally improved view of yourself. While hair transplants may be taken up more with men who experience male pattern baldness, women do experience hair loss too. 

When women experience hair loss, the stigma may even be perceived as being greater. When nearly half of all men will experience hair loss through male pattern baldness, women losing their hair is obviously not as prevalent. That can make it much harder for those women that do experience hair loss to deal with. Having the ability to have a hair transplant can mean a considerable amount to a woman whose confidence is damaged through her hair loss.


Celebrities are leading the way 

Celebrity culture can have its downsides, however, in the instance of hair loss and in raising awareness of the success of hair transplants, celebrities who have undergone the treatment and have shared their experiences with the world are doing a great deal to help break down the stigma that is attached with hair transplants. 

A great example of a celebrity who has openly talked about his hair transplant is the footballer, Wayne Rooney. By talking about his own hair transplant, he has helped other men who are struggling with insecurities surrounding their own hair loss. Rooney experienced hair loss at the age of 25, which is a common time for many men to start seeing a thinning of their hair due to male pattern baldness.

Calum Best, the reality TV star had a hair transplant back in 2015. He claims that the three procedures that he underwent changed his life after he had started to go bald in his early twenties.


The changing views of hair transplants

It would seem as though, thankfully, the era where men were expected to just get over their hair loss insecurities and get on with life are long gone. A liberalizing of attitudes, coupled with a change in social norms, mean that men do not just have to go bald. With hair transplants rising in popularity due to a change in the way that society now allows men to take ownership of their appearance in a more constructive manner, coupled with improvements in the techniques and technology used in hair transplants, it is clear the hair transplant is no longer a taboo subject. 

What do you think about the subject of hair transplants? Are you a man who is experiencing hair loss? And if so, is getting a hair transplant something that you have or would consider doing? 

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