Oils are a fantastic and all-natural way to encourage hair growth within your scalp. Each type of oil works differently, and some may have to be diffused before using. The different types of oil will have different properties that cater to different aspects of hair loss, but one major thing that an oil scalp massage may do is stimulate the hair growth. When you massage your head (especially with a helpful essential oil), you’ll be able to stimulate the hair follicles and encourage blood flow. A lack of blood flor can stump hair growth, so it’s imperative to try this natural route before anything.

Sometimes, you’ll want to leave the oils on your head under a cap after you’ve massaged it in. There are a number of essential oils to dab into, including:

All of which can be used to encourage hair growth and stimulation within the scalp. Beyond this, these can also be used to prevent thinning. After you’ve finished shampooing, you can create a lavender and rosemary hair rinse and leave this on your head. While this isn’t the only oil solution, this is a great one for those that don’t have serious autoimmune disorders. If you’ve tried everything, and nothing is working, you may want to see your primary doctor or a thyroid specialist to pinpoint a hormone or autoimmune problem.

How Do Natural Oils Help?

Natural oils can be used in a variety of ways, with one of them being for hair loss and thinning, as well as prevention. Said natural oils are meant to encourage strong hair that’s full of luster. In fact, you don’t even have to experience hair loss to make use of natural oils on your hair. Give your head some shine and umph by massaging natural oils into your hair. Benefits of natural oils include the following:

  • Natural oils can be used as a type of scalp moisturizer, conditioner, or a hot oil treatment. There are even some people that end up using a natural oil concoction as a conditioner replacement! Sometimes, shampoo and conditioner can leave a thin layer of film over your hair strands, which can impact the integrity of the hair.
  • Using natural oils on your hair can also encourage moisture. In using the natural oils for this, you can expect a reduction in split ends, dry hair, or breakage in general. Being able to prevent breakage is step one in preventing total hair loss.
  • Applying natural oils to your scalp or hair, in general, can encourage hair growth significantly.

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of oils and what they can do for your hair follicles and hair growth, don’t sleep on trying them for your hair loss issues! Remember, some oils may need to be diffused or else they can harm your skin with their strength. Don’t try to “work through” it without diffusing, either, as you may end up in your doctor’s (or the ER)! Stay safe and happy growing!

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