how to use olive oil for hair loss

The Magic Behind Oils: Olive Oil for Hair Loss

Olive oil is perhaps best known for its use in the culinary arts. It can be used as a salad dressing or as a frying oil. Olive oil comes from the olive crop. Olives are a highly valued tree crop from the Mediterranean Basin. Using a process of pressing, the crop is made into an oil.

Aside from its uses in the kitchen, olive oil has also made a name for itself in homeopathic recipes as well as in the cosmetic industries. The oil has been used medicinally for over a thousand years.

Today, many individuals are turning to organic and natural cures for their ills and olive oil is celebrated as being a great treatment for dry skin as well as being used for stimulating hair growth.

Benefits of Olive oil for Hair Loss

There are several benefits for using olive oil for hair loss. One of the main reasons for hair loss is dihydrotestosterone production. This hormone will attack and weaken the hair follicle, which leads to hair loss. Using olive oil regularly will help to block DHT production and will help reduce hair loss.

Using Olive Oil for hair growth
Olive oil has all sort of benefits for hair

Olive oil is also rich in antioxidants. This will help maintain the health of the hair and the scalp from damage. The antioxidants found in the oil help to stabilize free radicals and thus prevent damage to the scalp.

Olive oil also works to improve blood circulation. The oil also nourishes the hair follicles with unsaturated fats and essential nutrients. The oil will seal moisture within the hair shaft, which prevents it from becoming dry and makes the hair more manageable.

Since olive oil will prevent dryness, it will help to keep your hair voluminous and reduce breakage. It works by strengthening and conditioning the hair shaft with its content of Omega 6 fatty acids. This keeps your hair from snapping off.

Another benefit of using olive oil for hair growth is that it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. This help soothe the scalp and soothe clogged follicles, dandruff, and itching that may occur. Clogged follicles and dandruff are two of the main reasons that hair loss occurs.

Can Olive Oil Slow Down Hair Loss?

For individuals that are suffering from hair loss, olive oil may be extremely beneficial. Essentially, the olive oil will help block the production of DHT. DHT is known for shrinking the hair follicles. As time passes, this will make the hair to grow thinner and thinner until strands start to break off before they can grow to a longer length. By slowing down the natural production of DHT in the body, olive oil can provide a minor decrease in the loss of hair.
Using olive oil directly on the scalp can also strengthen the shafts and hair follicles. This prevents the hair from breaking quickly. Working as a conditioner, the fatty acids found in the olive oil will help the hair bend under any pressure instead of snapping off.

Can Olive Oil Help Regrow Hair?

To fully understand how olive oil can possibly help regrow hair it is important to understand how the hair growth cycle works. There are three phases of this cycle. The first phase is anagen where active growth and rapid cell division occur. The second phase of growth is catagen. During this phase the newly grown hair will properly attach to the root. The third phase is telogen or the resting phase. This is when shedding often occurs. A healthy individual will typically shed anywhere from 25 to 100 hairs a day.

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For those who are losing more hair than this per day or those who are not seeing any hair growth at all, olive oil can help. Often times the main reason for loss of hair or slow hair regrowth is simply inflammation of the scalp. Olive oil can help soothe the scalp as it prevents dryness. This alone may be enough to stimulate the hair growth that you are seeking.

The active ingredient in olive oil that can stimulate hair growth is oleocanthal. This compound is what is responsible for helping soothe the scalp.

Is Olive Oil Safe for Use on the Hair/Head?

Olive oil is a natural product and it has been used for centuries for many different ailments. There is different research that has shown that olive oil is not only safe to consume to help with dietary issues and even hair related issues, but also that pure olive oil is completely safe to use directly on the hair.

Olive oil can be used on hair that has been damaged from chemicals as well as normal or thick hair that may not have been treated, but that has other damage.

Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipes

There are several methods that can be used to apply olive oil to the hair. Here are four different ways that olive oil can be used to help prevent hair loss and to soothe the scalp.

Method One

First, wash your scalp and hair to remove all impurities. Use a clear herbal shampoo for this wash. Next, apply pure olive oil to your hair and massage it gently into your scalp. It is important to make sure that the olive oil reaches your roots as well as the surface of the scalp. Leave the olive oil in your hair for at least an hour and then wash it out using an herbal shampoo. At bedtime use Minox 5 percent. For styling your hair you should use a gel that is 100 percent aloe vera.

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Method 2

In a bowl, add several drops of rosemary, sage, and peppermint oil. Add in a tablespoon of olive oil. Massage this mixture into your scalp. After 30 minutes, wash your hair using a chemical free shampoo. This mixture should be used on your hair daily.

Method 3

In a bowl mix together a couple of drops of sage, a couple of drops of lemon, 3 drops of cedar, and a couple of drops of tea tree oil. Add in two tablespoons of olive oil. Mix well and then apply the mixture to your hair. Make sure that you massage it into your scalp. Let it sit on your hair for at least an hour and then wash it out. Repeat this method daily.

Method 4

Warm up at least 2 tablespoons up to a half of a cup of olive oil. After it is warm, let it sit for a few seconds and then massage the warm olive oil into your hair and scalp. Cover your hair with a shower cap, plastic cap, or a thick towel and leave it on for about thirty minutes. Rinse your hair using warm water. You may also use an herbal or a shampoo designed to fight hair loss.

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Are there any Side Effects of Using Olive Oil for Hair Growth?

When it comes to using olive oil on your hair it is likely safe for most people. There are some individuals who may be allergic to olive oil and if this is the case it should not be used at all.

In addition, people who have somewhat oily hair or are prone to acne may find that their hair will become more oily when using olive oil or that if they get the oil on their face during application it may cause a flare up of acne.

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When you search the health and beauty market today, chances are that you have seen numerous products that contain olive oil for the many benefits that it may provide. This list of products includes many of the hair growth and hair loss products that are on the market. This could just be a marketing tactic used to sell these products as often you will find the amount of olive oil in these products is very little.

The vitamins and nutrients that are found in olive oil could make the strands of hair thicker. This can help provide an appearance of a full head of hair. Using a scalp treatment with olive oil can help remove sebum buildup, which may be responsible for slowing hair growth. In addition, olive oil is great for a healthy diet and proper nutrition helps to ensure better overall health including that of the hair and skin.

While olive oil can have many benefits and there are many home remedies for olive oil and hair growth, there have not been any major studies that have proven that olive oil is effective for preventing hair loss or for stimulating hair growth.

While there has not been any scientific proof that shows that olive oil is, in fact, effective in treating or preventing hair loss, there are many people who believe that olive oil does help their hair look healthier and feel cleaner overall. Since there are no real side effects of using olive oil on your hair or in your diet, there is nothing wrong with giving it a try.

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