Best use of pumpkin seed for hair loss

Pumpkin Seed Oil For Hair Loss – The Secret Remedy

Pumpkin seed oil is becoming extremely popular in recent times because many people are realizing the endless benefits it houses. It is a dark green to dark red liquid that has numerous health and therapeutic properties. The oil is a tremendous source of polyunsaturated fatty acids like linolenic acid, palmitic acid and oleic acid among others. The oil can be used as a dressing for salad, in ice-cream, pies and so much more. In order to extract the oil, the pumpkin seeds are roasted at optimum temperature and then pressure is exerted on the roasted seeds until they crack open and the oil is extracted. Whether taken orally or applied topically, it is a power house of nutrients and minerals that continues to improve mental, metabolic and physiological health. It affects the testosterone and androgen levels in men, both of which influence hair growth. This article discusses the benefits of pumpkin seed oil, particularly for hair loss.

What are the benefits of pumpkin seed oil

The composition of pumpkin seed oil is very nutrient-rich and has benefits that range from enriching hair to prostate. Pumpkin seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce cholesterol and improve prostate and urinary health. It is more commonly known to treat people with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). In this article, however, I will focus on the benefits of pumpkin seed oil which aid in recovery from hair loss, especially in men.

Hair loss for men is a major confidence letdown. Approximately two-third of men in the US are affected by male pattern baldness (ie. androgenic alopecia), according to the American Hair Loss Association. It’s debatable whether a high level of testosterone is the leading cause of baldness in men. One thing for sure is that the hair follicle shrinks over time until the hair begins to thin then the follicle becomes dormant. This is what we call baldness.

Pumpkin seed oil may help solve this problem by minimizing hair loss and accelerating hair growth. It does this by conditioning and soothing the scalp to then regenerate fresh, healthy, lustrous hair through nourishment. One study showed that men, who took as little as 40 mg of pumpkin seed oil in less than a month, experienced around 40% increase in hair growth without adverse effects.

The vitamins and minerals contained in pumpkin seed oil all play a key role in the nourishment and strengthening of the hair. The oil contains over 10 vitamins, around 50 micro- and macro-elements along with other health-improving substances. Vitamins C and E that are contained in the oil, assist in improving the circulation of blood within the follicles to then stimulate hair growth. Vitamin C feeds the hair as it grows and Iron strengthens the shaft and Vitamin B makes the hair shiny and supple. Other anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the oil prevent irritation, itching and overall dryness of the scalp. Pumpkin seed oil, therefore, improves the overall health of your hair.

Recommended hair loss products with pumpkin seed oil

Best Naturals Pumpkin Seed Oil Capsules

These capsules contain unrefined, cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil without solvents. The recommended dosage is 2 – 3 capsules a day as needed. Customers have given feedback saying they have much thicker, healthier hair since taking this product. One such customer mentioned that he noticed the hair starting to thin out again once he ran out of capsules. An added benefit is the tremendous bladder control these capsules afford you. Sleep uninterrupted by frequent bathroom trips is a much-welcomed benefit of these capsules.

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Pura D’Or Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

This amazing shampoo is specially formulated for persons with thinning hair, premature hair loss and first signs of balding. It is packed with natural and organic bioactive ingredients like aloe vera and Red Korean seaweed that promote healthier, stronger hair in only a few months after use. How it works is that the special formula sheds the old, weak and thin hairs as it stimulates the hair follicles and rejuvenates the scalp to produce healthier, stronger hair. Customer feedback has been astounding. One customer noted that he experienced natural hair regrowth in receding areas after only about a month of shampooing every other day. Quite a few customers mentioned a decrease in hair loss, some even after only a few weeks of using the product, including women dealing with postpartum hair loss.

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Pumpkin seed oil hair mask

Pumpkin seed oil can be used in many different ways in your hair to gain from its numerous benefits. It can be used in hot oil treatment, hair rinse, pre-wash treatment, hair mist or hair mask. It can also be mixed with other oils to reap even more added benefits, such as castor oil, coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, peach kernel oil, almond oil.

In this section, the focus is on preparing your own step-by-step hair mask using pumpkin seed oil for additional follicle-stimulation and moisture.


  1. 2 egg yolks
  2. 2 tablespoons pumpkin seed oil
  3. ½ cup water
  4. ½ teaspoon essential oils (any one of these: Juniper / ylang-ylang / hit / cloves / cinnamon / rosemary)
  5. Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar rinse (optional)


Combine the egg yolks, pumpkin seed oil and essential oils in a medium-sized bowl. Add water to dilute the mixture. Apply the mask from the roots at the scalp to your full hair length. Massage your scalp very slowly and thoroughly, in order to stimulate blood circulation in the follicles. Ensure the mask is applied evenly across the scalp to prevent cross-sectional tips. Cover the scalp with a cellophane cap then a warm towel. Allow about 60 – 90 minutes for the mask to properly rest on your scalp, then rinse with cold water to lock-in the nutrients. Wash with a gentle shampoo then rinse with slightly acidified water (optional) like a lemon juice or apple cider rinse.

A few things to note before applying the mask:
  • It is best to apply the mask to clean hair (ie. washed at least a day before).
  • Apply mask once a week over a course of 7-10 weeks. Then 1-2 times a month on normal hair.
  • For oily hair, substitute with any of the following essential oils in the mixture: grapefruit, patchouli, lemon.
  • For treatment of dandruff, substitute with any of the following essential oils in the mixture: rose, lavender, tea tree.
  • For dry or normal hair, one tablespoon of burdock oil.
  • Ensure that a test is done on the skin prior to applying hair mask to minimize allergic reactions.

After multiple treatments, hair should be soft and shiny and appear healthier than before.

It is important to mention here that this is only an external treatment. Proper hydration, nutrition and moderate exercise play an important role in the effectiveness of this and any other regime.

What are the side effects of pumpkin seed oil

As with any other treatment, especially naturopathic treatments, dosage and contraindications play integral roles in their effectiveness. More importantly, it is always best to seek medical advice before taking on a course of treatment, or at a minimum, ample research should be done before proceeding with your regime.

Pumpkin seed oil completely oozes with natural goodness. Even though most sources state that there is little or no evidence of adverse side effects especially in relation to hair loss, there is still some evidence of side effects that should warrant your attention. The antioxidants contained in pumpkin seed oil have blood-pressure-lowering tendencies, which may interfere with the effectiveness of anti-hypertension medications. Such persons should, therefore, seek advice from their health-care providers before using the oil.
It is also worth mentioning that pumpkin seed oil may become rancid if not stored properly – ie. away from direct sunlight in a cool place. The oil can be kept anywhere from six months to twelve months and is not recommended for use after such time has passed. In addition, according to the journal of European Food Research and Technology, some manufacturers are known to add cheaper oils such as sunflower and rapeseed oil. This may alter the shelf life and effectiveness of the oil and ultimately lead to negative side effects on your health.


Pumpkin seed oil provides power to hair and helps solve a myriad of hair problems. The trace elements and vitamins in pumpkin seed oil provide nourishment for hair, strengthen the hair, reduce hair loss and promote natural hair regrowth.

The benefits of pumpkin seed oil in reducing hair loss, germinate from the numerous vitamins and minerals it contains. From Vitamin A to Zinc, every follicle and hair strand is supplely nourished and taken to higher heights. Notwithstanding the adverse side effects it may have on a select group of persons, pumpkin seed oil is still an outstanding addition to your diet and your hair. The recommended capsules, hair loss shampoo and the DIY hair mask will also give you a good head start to your pumpkin seed oil regime.

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Hair rejuvenation is a journey, so give your body the time it needs to yield positive, sustainable results. Good things come to those who wait, so take time to enjoy the journey as you endure the process underneath it all.

Written by Joel Santorini

36 years old Dermatologist from New Jersey. I love to express my opinions and help others with my knowledge.

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