Best Herbal Remedies For Hair Growth

Best Herbal Remedies For Hair Growth

Our hair is just as important as our skin. Our hair needs constant nourishment and care if we want to make it look healthy at all times. However, due to the overusing of harsh hair products and too much exposure to free radicals, most of us often experience hair loss and hair thinning.

While there are also lots of hair care products that offer hair repair and hair growth, giving herbal remedies a chance for hair growth solution is also worth the shot. As we all know, herbs are nature’s gifts to humans that can naturally treat a variety of ailments, and it includes our hair too.

We’ve listed below the various herbs that can aid in your hair growth goal significantly.

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Gingko Biloba

This natural herb is popularly known for being able to stimulate blood flow effectively, and also it can improve the circulation significantly. With the increase of blood flow in the scalp, hair follicles are encouraging new growth at the root level. While Gingko Biloba is always used as a drinking tea, it can be used topically. However, we highly suggest that it’s better to drink Gingko Biloba rather than applying it to your hair directly. The reason is that drinking Gingko Biloba will not only make your scalp healthy, but it can also improve your digestion as well.


While this herb is often used as an oil, it can also improve blood circulation to aid in hair growth. Moreover, Rosemary has an antiaging compound that can stop premature graying. If you are having a dry hair day as well as a flaky scalp, Rosemary is a natural moisturizer. Also, studies suggest that the topical use of Rosemary in hair can improve hair growth significantly by blocking excess testosterone production.


A dry scalp makes it itchy and flaky, which may result in hindering new hair growth from hair follicles. Peppermint offers healing to the scalp to help with hair growth and fight hair loss and thinning. Peppermint will not only moisturize and soothes an irritated, dry scalp, but it also stimulates hair follicles. Since you need a healthy scalp if you want to have thicker and healthy hair, peppermint can do that for you.

Aloe Vera

We all know that there are lots of hair care products that are made from Aloe Vera. However, many did not know that you can use the herb itself to encourage hair growth. The gel found in Aloe Vera can restore the pH balance of the scalp. Moreover, It is also a great way to moisturize the scalp since it is super hydrating. When using the herb, extract its gel and apply it directly on your scalp while giving yourself a relaxing head massage. Do this every day, and you’ll see a great improvement in hair growth.


Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it ensures your scalp is free of anything that inhibits hair growth. Imagine if your scalp has a lot of fungi, parasites, or other less than desirable things, it will be almost impossible for hair follicles to create new hair and promote hair growth. While Lavender is commonly used as a topical oil, it can also be made into a tea. According to research, massaging Lavender in your scalp promotes significant hair regrowth compared to other hair care products.


Ginseng will not only improves blood stimulation and circulation but also makes every hair strand stronger as well. This increases hair retention in the long run. This is due to Ginseng has a positive effect on the recovery of hair follicles.


Due to harsh chemicals found in hair care products, we highly recommend considering these herbals remedies mentioned above as an alternative treatment for hair growth. They are safer and no known side-effects.

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