Ultrax Labs is a company that specializes in hair products meant to strengthen and regrow hair. They have several revolutionary products that have made a big impact on the market. Instead of just filling their customers with empty promises they actually deliver. All of the products of theirs that I have tried have worked exactly the way they said it would. I was blown away by the products I received from them.

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge

Hair Surge Shampoo was a breath of fresh air after every use. Since Hair Solaye contains eucalyptus it also left my hair smelling great.  Both of these products contain caffeine which has been found to encourage healthy hair growth using them together adds to the benefits.  The shampoo and conditioner both contain caffeine which has been found to help the growth of healthy hair they also contain things like Saw Palmetto, Peppermint Oil, Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary and like I had mentioned before Eucalyptus.  The combination that Ultrax Labs has created in their combination is amazing.

Ultrax Labs Hair Rush

I also took Hair Rush Supplement in addition to using the shampoo and conditioner topically.  From my experience using all of the products together increased my satisfaction with the product.  I feel that if I was taking the time and effort to try the shampoo and conditioner it would be most effective if I also too the Hair Rush Supplements as well so that I could get the best results possible.  Ultrax Labs has found a great combination that I found works really well.

Ultrax Labs Hair Plush

Hair Plush Thickening Treatment is a leave-in caffeinated serum that also helps to enhance hair growth and decrease hair loss.  I used the product in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner and I was more than pleased with the results.  My hair felt soft and clean and looked great.  It took a couple of weeks of use for me to notice a difference in the thickness and fullness but I am amazed at the difference that just a couple of weeks has made.

Ultrax Labs Hair Vigor

Hair Vigor is the last of Ultrax Labs products.  This is an extra conditioning mask that I used once or twice a week as my hair needed it.  This is an extra conditioning step that helps to smooth and repair your hair.  It is for use with unruly, coarse, damaged and/or color treated hair and it makes it feel amazingly soft.  Hair Vigor helps to hydrate your scalp and repair hair follicles to help promote healthy thicker hair growth.

Ultrax Labs Review

Overall I am more than satisfied with the results that I have gotten from using Ultrax Labs line of hair products. I had high hopes when I started using Ultrax Labs products but they have definitely exceeded my expectations. Ultrax Labs is a company like no other, they go above and beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction, and that is why I love them. Thanks to them, I am more confident and feel like a woman again.

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