How To Comb A Beard – The Perfect Guide For Amateur

When I grew a beard for the first time, I did little more than throw my razor away and waited to see what steadily emerged over the proceeding weeks...
How To Comb Your Beard

When I grew a beard for the first time, I did little more than throw my razor away and waited to see what steadily emerged over the proceeding weeks and months. I didn’t know anything about beard care, and looking after your beard and it really showed.

My beard was a tangled mess of uneven hair that instead of looking luxurious and groomed rather looked like a coarse forest of hair that birds could nest in…It wasn’t a pretty sight.

So I started to read and research about what could fix this disaster on my face and that’s when I came across beard combs. It was obvious straight away it was what I needed, I mean your beard is still made up of hair after all, and hair needs to be looked after and kept free of knots and snags. So I then started to hunt down the best beard comb I could find and look into how to comb a beard.

Why use a comb and not a brush?

A thick beard will consist of very coarse hair, that 9 times out of 10 will be very unruly. The best way to deal with this is either with a comb or a brush.

I recommend a comb over a brush, but both have their purposes when it comes to beard care.

A comb, in general, is used for styling purposes, to get that neat and groomed look. A brush, however, is used more to get all your hair growing in the right direction, and train it this way.
In my opinion, the comb surpasses the brush any day of the week!

The Advantage Of A Comb

  • With a comb, you can brush more often to maintain that well-groomed look, without risk of damaging your hair
  • They cost less
  • You can get combs that use both thick and thin teeth which allow you to comb the large tangles out with the thick teeth before refining and styling with the thin.

What is the best time to comb my beard?

Surprisingly, the best time to comb your beard is not first thing in the morning when you wake up!

The best time to comb your beard for most men is after you’ve come out of the shower. You need to let your beard dry, I just pat mine down with a towel and leave it ever so slightly damp.
You can just let it air dry naturally as well; the choice is up to you.

Once your beard is dry enough, you’ll want to apply a beard oil to it and slowly massage it in. This is where your comb will come in handy and when you’ll want to comb your beard.

It will remove tangles and knots while evenly distributing the oil throughout your beard and through to the roots. If you don’t have a beard oil, then don’t worry, comb your beard regardless but look into getting a beard oil soon!
With your beard still slightly damp it makes it easier to comb those hairs into the right direction and make your appearance neater and more groomed as a result.

What do I need to look for in a comb?

There is a whole range of combs out on the market today. Plastic combs, wooden combs, foldable combs, you can even get combs made of bone! All of them have their advantages and disadvantages when you want to know how to comb a beard.

A few tips:

  1. Stay away from plastic combs. I know I mentioned them above but seriously, if you have any love for your beard don’t use a plastic comb on it. A plastic comb will cause a static build up when your comb your beard. It will leave you with hair sticking up all over the place which kind of defeats the point of combing it! So make sure your comb is anti-static.
  1. If you want to maintain that clean look throughout the day, chances are you’re going to need to comb that beard more than once. Try to get a comb that is compact and small as it will allow you to keep it on your person and bring it out for a quick fix up when you have a moment.
  2. Decide on either thick or thin teeth combs. Thick teeth will help with a longer and coarser beard while thin teeth are for shorter beards that need less work. It totally depends on what length you’re looking to grow. Plan accordingly.

With those important points in mind, I went out and saw what was on offer and frankly was disappointed. Very few combs stood up to scrutiny. Except one…

The Rocky Mountain Beard Comb

A Beard Comb that ticks each point off the list when it comes to finding a great beard comb, and at an affordable price point too! Without a doubt, one of the best beard comb you can buy.

First, let me talk about the packaging. This beautiful comb comes shipped in a laser cut; velvet padded wooden box. The whole thing screams class and keeps your comb safe from getting damaged when you’re not using it.
As for the comb itself, it’s a 100% handcrafted, wooden example of perfection. The sandalwood the comb is crafted out of permeates a rusty smoky smell that will leave you wanting more. Once you pick it up, you’ll feel the quality straight away.

Where this comb stands out above the rest is the thick tooth finish which will work perfectly for coarser beards with significant growth. You’ll easily work through your beard removing any snags or tangles with this bad boy!

Another plus of the Rocky Mountain Beard Comb is how compact and small it is! As I mentioned before, if you want to keep that beard looking sharp you’ll probably want to comb it more than once. So the fact that you can just drop this comb in your pocket and go makes it ideal!

With this comb being made of sandalwood, it’s completely anti-static, as wood doesn’t conduct electricity, obviously! You won’t get any static buildup or frizziness in your beard, which will keep it looking groomed and well-maintained for longer!


Well, there you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to comb a beard and come out looking suave and sophisticated!
The Rocky Mountain Beard Comb does tick all the boxes of what makes a great beard comb and I think it is the best beard comb out in the market today! If looking sharp is your aim, then you really don’t have to look any further as this beard comb will get the job done and is undoubtedly the best in the business. Check it out!


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