Any female can tell you right off the bat that most of the fashion that men wear aren’t that appealing. While there are high-end brands that deliver some of the sleekest in menswear, the trends can become pretty redundant or predictable. As we plunge through the decades, trends are becoming recycled and recurring, just with modern color palettes or using the original color schemes for a hint of nostalgia. If you find that you’re stumped when it comes to picking clothes out for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the scoop on what you should wear for your body type, height, and to fit in with the cool kids or businessmen around the world.

Prints and Cuts

It’s imperative to know that no matter what color or material you’re wearing, the print and cut will ultimately make you look slimmer, larger, or around the same size. If you don’t want your midsection looking bigger, or you want your “guns” to appear much larger, you’ll want to make sure the fabric works well with the area. Prints that will make areas appear smaller include:

  • Vertical lines create a slimming physique in the area that they’re present, while horizontal lines do the exact opposite.
  • Various patterns like checkered print, floral, flannel, etc.
  • Skinny jeans can also make you look smaller when they fit you just right
  • Bootcut or wide leg will inevitably make you look larger

While generally, these can be taken as blanket statements, they’re good guidelines for how to dress yourself.

The Different Body Types

Are you someone that has broad shoulders, but it “tapers” down when you get towards your torso and midsection? If so, you have what the call an “average build”. Typically, this body type has leaner legs that a little bit of definition. The average build body type is one that doesn’t have too much trouble looking larger or smaller.

Tips for dressing up: when you’re dressing up for an event, make sure you keep this tapered appearance by wearing tapered trousers, as well as a jacket that’s tapered. In doing so, you’ll find that it defines the smaller areas, showing off your figure well. Other body types include:

  • The inverted triangle – wearing belts when having an inverted triangle shape will draw the attention towards the midsection/hip area, removing the attention from the upper half. Inverted triangle shapes shouldn’t wear skinny jeans, but you do you!
  • The rectangle – Jackets with tasteful shoulder padding will help even out your body shape and broaden your shoulders more. Lapels on your blazers or jacket will also help bring the attention “upstairs”. Jackets that are double-breasted aren’t really great for the rectangle body type.
  • The triangle – Streamline the shape of your body by incorporating vertical line stripes that are thin. Polo shirts aren’t your friend, and neither are roll neck shirts.
  • The oval shape – Boots aren’t really a great look for those that are oval shaped, and neither are statement belts, as they bring attention to the wrong areas.

Passing on Trends

Just because a trend is currently hot on social media, doesn’t mean you need to try and incorporate it into your wardrobe. Not everyone’s body type will fit the part, and while many can make styles work for them, doesn’t mean they look good as a whole. Some trends are hot because of the body shape of those that generally wear them, whereas popular pieces like flannel/plaid shirts generally look good on all men (and women) and are timeless.

Whether you tried hopping on the train of men’s crop tops that were revived from the 80’s, or you’re looking to get hot in those neon pants from the MySpace days once more, there are just some things that are tacky and cringey all together, and some that just don’t work for particular body types. A great tip is to become acquainted with a tailor when you can, to ensure that more expensive items can fit with ease and make you look great, too.

On this website, you’ll find help in the clothing department, watches and accessories, as well as hair styling products to make the most of your look and create an aesthetic that other men will desire and envy you for.

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