Men’s clothing has come a long way in the last couple of centuries, but have you noticed that the hipster trend is bringing back all of the old styles with a modern twist? While you don’t have to dress like you’re attending fashion week, there are great pieces to add to your closet to give yourself a bit of flair. The year 2017 has been a great year, as well as annoying year for men’s fashion trends, and we’re here to discuss them all for you, from wallets, to pants, to sweaters.

Tactile backpacks – Surprisingly, one of the biggest trends in men’s accessories is the tactile backpack. Whether you’re a city DJ on the go, or you’re someone who’s more into being portable and professional as you travel around for work, there’s a bag for you. From crushed velvet styles to suede and faux leather, tactical backpacks are not only fashionable, but they are trendy and minimalistic.


If you’re not a bag person, you’ll want to invest in a trendy, yet practical wallet. Bi-folds are not only traditional, but practical, but some people need a bit more than that, or even a bit less. There are front pocket wallets that utilize one façade for all of your cards and money, and you don’t have to worry about a fold. You simply take it out with one hand and are able to grab with ease, instead of wrestling with a flap. The double sleeve front pocket wallet from Holtz Leather is a hot piece on the market currently – and you can even personalize it for optimal trendiness.


A great pair of shoes is imperative when putting together a great look. If you want something athletic, but minimalistic and stylish, you may want to opt for luxe sneakers. These types of sneakers are not only sleek, but comfortable, and brings a sporty feel to the otherwise casual look. While you don’t have to wear them jogging, if you want to protect your feet as someone walking in the big city everywhere, you may want to invest in a great pair of these puppies. Other shoes to look into include military type boots or shoots, shoes with thick soles, and those that use tonal colors to make the outfit “pop”.


If you want to look professional, yet a tad casual and you surely want to be comfortable, then you may want to look into the flat front pant. You can get a great pair for an inexpensive price from most retailers, and look snazzy doing so. Not only can you wear these on a date with a great pair of shoes, but you can also make it work for your job, too!

Trendy colors this autumn/winter include:

  • Mossy green
  • White
  • Slate grey

Whether you want a nice winter pea coat, or a jacket with a tan fur around the hood, you’ll want to look at neutral tones or muted shades of pink, maroon, blue, or yellow to take full advantage of this year’s trends.

Other trends from Fashion Week that are more wearable than any include the following:

  • Belted jackets
  • Top to toe color
  • Stripes
  • Tucked in shirts

At the end of the day, it’s about what you feel comfortable in. These are just some ideas taken from hot fashion trends, but providing ones that are more wearable.

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