Just because you’re a man, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in utilizing hair styling products. After all, you deserve to look great, too, right? In this section, you’ll see a number of different hair styling products and how you can take advantage of said products.


A good hair wax can come in a number of types of products. The term “wax” is a general umbrella statement, and the types of products that may fall under this umbrella include: putty, glue, crème for molding, styling paste, clay, and more. It’s said that a type of hair wax is one of the most important products a man can have in his toolkit. Whether you have wavy hair or straight hair, a great wax is perfect for you on the daily. You can make your hair look naturally styled in an effortless manner. In fact, for those that want a bit more bounce with a tad bit of hold, you should look into a great wax, as they’re meant for medium-hold situations. You also won’t have to worry about an incredible amount of shine with these types of products, although each one is different.

Want that signature “messy” look, without getting messy at all? Try a type of hair wax for you. Since they’re water-soluble, they’ll be more than easy enough to wash out of your hair.


If you’ve ever tried hair wax, and want to try something a bit more amplified, you should invest in a pomade. With a slightly different texture, they’re considered the “cousin” of your standard hair wax. Since they have more hold, they also have a lot of shine. If you want to hop on the trend of having the best pompadour, using pomade much be more effect than wax – especially if you have thicker hair. As we mentioned, their hold and shine are the two things that differentiate them from a wax. So, if you’re looking for enough hold to last you through the day or more precise looks, check out a pomade.


Maybe you’re ready to hop into that Guido shine that has come out of the Jersey Shore. If so, you’ll want to invest in some good ‘ole gel. While the hold may vary based on the product or brand that you’re using, if you’re looking for that crunchy and shiny appearance that’ll stay most of the day, if not all day (and into the next if you don’t wash), then you’ll want some gel for those stray hairs.


Probably the most fun product of the batch, clay is a fun hair styling product for men that’s capable of staying dry, keeping those hairs in place, and of course – forming a rock-solid bond so that your hair doesn’t fall out of place. While you won’t look like a Greek god statue when you’re done, it’s a suitable option for those that want to look perfect.

While there are a number of sub-products out there, these are the most important ones you should introduce yourself to, especially if you’re a newbie. Happy styling!

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