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8 tips to help thin hair look thicker

Whether you have fine hair, thin hair, or both (yes there is a difference), you probably sometimes wish your locks looked a little more volumized a fuller.

Fine hair has to do with the diameter of each strand, and this width of each strand is something you are born with, but thin hair normally refers to a process of gradually thinning hair loss that is also genetic, or a rapid thinning coming from a medical issue.

No matter which one you are dealing with, a lot of the ways to help hair look thicker can be used on either one. Read on for 8 tips to help volumize fine or thin strands to help you feel glamorous.

1. Pick a shorter cut

Some may think that is you want it to look like you have more hair, to just grow it longer.

But, with already thin locks, getting to those long lengths tends to emphasize the thinness of the strands, or weighs down already flat hair leading to more of a stringy look.

For your best bet at an illusion of thickness, you want to go for short or medium cuts that won’t weigh down what you’ve got.

Short to long bobs are a good option for thin hair, as too much layering can leave the mid-lengths and ends of your hair looking barely there.


2. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

Not all shampoos and conditioners are created equal, and what works wonders for your thick-haired friend may not cut it for you.

Thin and fine hair needs to be volumized, so you want to steer clear of very moisturizing products that tend to overload the hair with conditioners that will only weigh down the hair you have.

Read the labels and look for products that say things like: for thin hair, volumizing, or light-weight.

Another option to avoid the dreaded conditioner weigh-down is to condition before you shampoo.

This may sound strange, but stay with me here – you condition first to hydrate and moisturize each strand, but then follow it with a shampoo to remove any excess.


3. Part your hair differently

You likely have a natural (or chosen) part that is your go-to place to part your hair. But, over time, this area tends to be the first to show signs of thinning due to the extra strain put here.

If your part seems to be getting wider or is showing way to much scalp recently, flip your part to the other side for an instant volume boost.

Your newly chosen part area will have had much less strain on it and look less thinned out, plus the strands will not be used to being in that position, causing them to volumize up a little instead of just laying completely flat.


4. Fill in a wide part with colored powder

If you aren’t ready to, well, part with where you part is, you can fill in a wide part with a tinted powder.

Choose a light powder roughly the color of your strands to help it blend in well.

You can use something made for use on parts, or find a tinted dry shampoo to umph up the volume even more. With a little tinted powder, it will give the illusion of the part being more filled in with hair than it actually is, and give your style a fuller look.


5. Mousse is your friend

Mousse gets a bad wrap, and many may think that it just makes your hair look weird and crunchy.

But, if used the right way, mousse can help lift and separate strands while still leaving hair soft and touchable.

Apply an egg-sized amount to damp hair and comb through to evenly distribute. Avoid using more than this, or using on dry hair, as that is what will give you that unwanted crunchy hair.

Then, just style as usual, and you will likely notice a much fuller effect.

6. Dry shampoo to boost roots

Dry shampoo isn’t just for stretching out washing your hair for another day, it can be used as a volumizing tool on freshly washed thin or fine hair.

Start sparingly to avoid a powdery look, and lightly apply just under your root area.

Dry shampoo will deliver an instant increase in texture which will cause hair to lie less flat, giving the illusion of more strands up there.

7. Avoid damaging your hair

This generally goes for everyone, but especially for those that have less hair to go around.

If your hair is already fine or thin, damaging it with hair dye, heat tools, or over-styling, can cause breakage which leads to even more sparse ends.

Embrace your natural hair color and learn a few heat-free hairstyles to look great without causing more damage to your hair.

8. Perk up your ponytail

Maybe you aren’t into styling your hair every morning, and just want to pop it into a ponytail. But, sometimes those thin hair ponytails can look a little sparse and limp.

Use a few pony-tips to give the illusion of more hair being held up for a perky pony.

Pop a mini-clip into the very top of your ponytail and cover it with some hair over the top to give your up-do a little volume bump.

Or, turn your singular ponytail into two little ponytails stacked ontop of one another. Make them close enough to be able to wrap a little strand of hair around both elastics and you have yourself one thickened-up ponytail.



You can’t always avoid having thin or fine hair, so luckily there are plenty of easy tips out there to give your hair some more bounce and volume.

But, if your hair loss was sudden or bothers you, you may want to speak with a doctor about what hair loss treatment options are available.

You can have a free online doctor’s visit at to see if prescription hair loss treatments like minoxidil or finasteride are a good fit for your hair goals.

If you are a good candidate for treatment, your hair loss medication can be shipped to your front door with free and discreet 2-day shipping.

Written by JHeizmann

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