American crew fiber review

American Crew Fiber Review

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The American Crew Fiber is a resinous cream that texturizes, molds, and shapes short hair. Perfect for those with a utilitarian sense of style, this product is high-hold, low-shine, strong and pliable. If you make sure you don’t use too much and apply it when your hair is slightly damp, it will work great against windy days, fussy cowlicks, and any other unwanted manipulation. Let’s take a look my at american crew fiber review:

First Impression

Some notable features of this American Crew product are its strong hold, versatility, and subtlety. To be honest, my first experience with American Crew’s Fiber Molding Creme wasn’t exactly a positive one. As it doesn’t have the intimidating texture of thick wax, I applied a generous amount to my hair, which left it chunky and uneven. However, after washing it out and experimenting with different quantities, I found that less-is-more with this product.

If used sparingly on slightly damp hair, this molding creme will texturize short hair and last throughout the day. Not only that, but unlike heavier wax-based products, this subtle creme won’t leave your hair shiny and obnoxious, which is great if you’re looking for a very natural hold. One unique feature of this American Crew Product is its versatility. It can be used on thin, thick, or curly hair with similar effectiveness.

American Crew Fiber Pliable Molding Creme for Men, 3 Ounce Jars (Pack of 2)
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American Crew Fiber Pliable Molding Creme for Men, 3 Ounce Jars (Pack of 2)
  • Remains pliable with a matte finish
  • Helps thicken hair, adds fullness and texture
  • Excellent for curly or straight hair
  • Clean finish with low shine
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island


Overall, despite it not being great for everyone, I would call this a great product. If you know what you’re doing with hair-care and you have a short cut, this is will be one of the most practical products you’ll find on the market. Use it on thin, curly, or thick hair, and remember to use it sparingly, and you’ll have a malleable yet strong hold that will last you all day. Plus its lack of shine will ensure that no one will be commenting on how much product you use.

American Crew Fiber Review
American Crew Fiber Review
Does the product work8.9
Lasting Time8.6
Reader Rating1 Vote9.6
If your hair suffers from windy weather and cowlicks, look no further. This American Crew product will keep your style in check
This molding creme will work for almost all hair types.
If you have a crew cut and aren’t going for the 50’s Greaser look, American Crew’s molding creme is a solid choice. No shine; just hold.
surprisingly allows you to manoeuvre and manipulate your hair with considerable ease.
If you have hair that’s longer than your pinky finger, you’re not going to be able to use this product effectively.
If overused, American Crew Molding Creme can make hair look chunky and uneven, so you really have to proceed with caution when using this product.
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