american crew grooming cream review

American Crew Grooming Cream Review

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American Crew’s Grooming Creme is an incredibly versatile styling product that will leave you with a proper shine that doesn’t come off wet or artificial. Its strong hold and malleability ensure that it’s likely to work for whatever style you’re going for. Specifically designed for people with straight hair, this product can also be beneficial to those with thicker or curlier hair, as it can work to soften and straighten taut hair.

First Impressions

My first impression using this product was extremely positive. It has a more versatile hold than almost any product on the market. Whether you want a combed-back style, a teased-out style, a classic gentlemen’s look or a faux-hawk, American Crew’s Grooming Creme has you covered. You’re also not likely to mess up your quantities while applying this product, as adding more than enough won’t give your hair an unnatural sheen, and won’t give you an overly stiff style.

AMERICAN CREW Grooming Cream, 3 oz, 2 Count
234 Reviews
AMERICAN CREW Grooming Cream, 3 oz, 2 Count
  • Grooming Cream by American Crew for Men - 3 oz Cream
  • Grooming Cream by American Crew for Men
  • Repels moisture

American Crew Grooming Creme Review – Final Verdict

All in all, this is a fantastic product. American Crew’s Grooming Creme has almost everything: versatile hold, inoffensive shine and no synthetic additives. However, the glaring downside of this product is that it simply isn’t for you if you have curly hair (and if you want a product that’s so discreet that it can’t be noticed by anyone). That being said, if this product works for your hair, it’s a must-have, as it serves a variety of functions very well.

American Crew Grooming Cream Review
Does the product work9
Lasting Time8
Reader Rating1 Vote7
Great smell
Versatile Hold
no synthetic additives
Not a good fit for curly hairs
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Does the product work
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