American crew molding clay review

American Crew Molding Clay Review

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American Crew’s Molding Clay is an extremely versatile styling tool, offering a mix of nature and expressiveness with its medium shine. In addition, its extra-strong hold will last all day long without fading, and won’t leave you with an uneven mess of hair for your first hour of having it in. Recommended for normal hair, this product may not be for every hair type, but it is quite effective for a wide variety of hairstyles.

First Impressions

My first impression with this product was a remarkably positive one. I thought it was quite versatile, finding that I could easily shape my hair into a variety of shapes after applying the product. However, I did find that there American Crew Molding Claywas a thin line between using just the right amount and using too much, and that this molding clay can cause an uneven chunky look if not used in the right proportions. However when used properly I found this product’s hold incredibly long lasting and durable, and that it’s shine was noticeable but inoffensive.


  • High hold: Unlike many of the other products out there, American Crew’s Molding Clay isn’t afraid to offer itself as a styling tool with a hold strong enough to meet the task of even the most demanding hair styles.
  • Medium Shine: If you’re looking for a product that blends nature and style, American Crew’s molding clay might be right for you. With a medium shine, people will know that you’re trying with your hair, but you definitely won’t have people commenting about how much product you use.
  • Works for many hairstyles: Considering the two previous merits of this product, you can assume American Crew’s Molding Clay works great for a variety of hair styles. Whether you comb it back, tease it out, or keep it neat, this molding clay has you covered.
  • Long-lasting: Due to its high hold, American Crew’s Molding Clay will last all day. Whereas some products start out chunky and slimy, only to fall limp right after lunch, this product’s medium shine and high hold ensures that it’ll start out subtle yet stylish, and remain so all day long.


  • Not for every hair type: American Crew recommends using its molding clay for those with normal hair. This means that if your hair is too curly to comb back naturally, this product isn’t for you. As the pros have to do with versatility, this is a strong disappointment.
  • High hold can make over-use an issue: Due to its strong hold, American Crew’s Molding Clay can be extremely powerful, causing a chunky and uneven style if too much product is applied. This is easily avoidable, but makes it somewhat treacherous if you’re not used to such a strong product.
American Crew Molding Clay 3.0 oz
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American Crew Molding Clay 3.0 oz
  • American Crew
  • High Hold
  • Medium Shine
  • Molding Clay was launched by the design house of American Crew
  • This is a clay that comes in retail packaging

American Crew Molding Clay Review – Final Verdict

American Crew’s Molding Clay is a product that can be utilized for a wide variety of styles while ultimately offering a consistent, durable hold. In addition, its medium level of shine ensures that your hair will seem at once natural and stylish. While it may not be for every hair type, recommended for normal hair only, it is certainly one of the most versatile styling tools on the market for people with straight hair.

American Crew Molding Clay
American Crew Molding Clay Review
Does the product work8.8
Lasting Time9
Reader Rating1 Vote8.2
High hold
Medium Shine
Works for many hairstyles
Not for every hair type
High hold can make over-use an issue
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