axe pomade review

AXE Pomade Review

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AXE Clean Cut Look Hair Pomade promises exactly what the name suggests: That clean cut classic look that’ll make you look like a boss at the office, even if you’re not.

AXE Pomade Features

AXE Pomade has a medium hold, which makes it perfect for short to medium-length hair, because it provides just the right amount of structure without being overkill. It has a shine finish, which makes it well-suited for when you want to look your best. One of the cooler things about it is how little you have to use—just the amount of your fingertip. Styling is easily achieved with your hands with a resulting look that is polished, but not too polished. For a more defined look, you can incorporate a comb.

What’s important to know before buying AXE Clean Cut Look Hair Pomade

While it has a definite shine finish, it’s more a low to medium shine, depending on your hair type and texture, how greasy or dry it is, and how much you use. If you’re a high shine guy, this may not be the product for you. That said, most appreciate a moderate amount of shininess because it provides that healthy, polished look without excessive shine, which can seem a little greasy and from a trend standpoint, high shine products aren’t currently considered fashionable and come off as dated when used. So, in that context, the level of shine in AXE’s offering will likely be seen as a huge pro to most guys.

AXE Signature Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade, 2.64 oz, 2 pk
122 Reviews
AXE Signature Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade, 2.64 oz, 2 pk
  • Strong Hold, shine enhancing
  • All Hair Types
  • The packlage dimension of the product is: 5.4"L x7.4"W x12.2"H
  • Country of origin is United States

AXE Pomade Review – Final verdict

AXE Clean Cut Look Hair Pomade provides effortless control that’s sophisticated enough for corporate office work environment while being laid back enough to chill with your girl or your friends. Additionally, the ease of styling with it is a huge bonus. AXE is definitely a good buy if you’re looking for a good pomade for your hair

Axe Pomade Review
AXE Pomade Review
Does the product work8.3
Ingredient Quality8.1
Reader Rating1 Vote7.6
Medium hold is ideal for short to medium hair length
Shine finish looks healthy and polished instead of greasy
Doesn’t clump or leave residue; non-sticky
Easy to achieve a great look, even for guys who aren’t the best at styling
Low to medium shine
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Does the product work
Ingredient Quality
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