Gummy Hair Gel Review

Gummy Hair Gel is an alcohol-free professional-grade hair gel that’s great for achieving ultimate hold without looking like a helmet head.

Gummy Hair Gel Features

Gummy Hair Gel features maximum hold, which is exactly what it sounds like—it is a lot stronger than your standard hair gel, allowing for maximum style hold. That said, it manages to do this without causing your hair to look sticky or artificial, and there’s a reason behind that: It’s specifically formulated for extreme looks, just like it says on the label. Because it’s purpose-designed for extreme looks (such as mohawks and scene hair), it’s precision-formulated to achieve that without looking gunky or plastic. This is in major contrast to regular hold hair gels which, while theoretically might be able to achieve extreme looks, the look ends up being filled with residue and plastic-looking clumps, which isn’t want the demanding consumer wants when going for iconic punk looks like liberty spikes.

Additionally, Gummy Hair Gel is alcohol-free; this means it won’t dry out or damage your hair, so even when you’re rocking the most extreme of extreme looks, you can be confident that when you wash it out (and indeed, it washes out well), your hair will be as healthy as it was before you styled it.

What’s important to know

Gummy Hair Gel has been around awhile and is well-liked; That said, if you put in too much for the length and style of your hair, you might get some buildup. However, this can be prevented by common sense—always tailor amount used to your specific needs.

Gummy Hair Gel Review – Final verdict

Gummy Hair Gel’s maximum hold is hard to beat and provides ultimate all-day wear for demanding styles like mohawks without the buildup some other gels exhibit. Overall, I think this is an excellent product for the price to pay.

Gummy Hair Gel

Gummy Hair Gel

hold time






Prevent hair damage



  • Maximum hold hair gel provides long-lasting style
  • Purpose-designed for extreme and bold looks
  • Dries quickly so your look doesn’t fade
  • Alcohol-free formula prevents hair damage
  • Washes out easily


  • Might get some buildup