How To Get Curly Hair For Men

If you’re a guy with straight hair who wants curls, then you’ll be happy to learn that there are many ways to get curly hair. While some curly hair men think their kinky and hard-to-manage locks are a curse, the truth is that curly hairstyles have a unique texture that make them stand out.

If you’re looking to make your hair curly naturally, then check out this complete step-by-step guide to turning straight hair into curls.

Choose The Right Haircut

Curly hair isn’t always easy to care for and style. Natural curls and waves can easily become frizzy and unmanageable. Getting the right kind of haircut will help you cultivate your natural waves and make them look their best with minimal effort.

If your hair is naturally straight but you want it to be curly, the right kind of haircut is important. However, this is probably not one of those times to experiment with cutting your own hair. Just visit a barbershop and get a professional cut.

According to a guide by Men’s Hairstyles Now, short to medium haircuts tend to be the best for facilitating curls. Longer hair is heavy, which can actually pull curls out of hair. Medium hair should be lightweight enough to encourage natural curls, and long enough to create curls.

A style that’s short on the sides and long on the top gives you plenty of hair to work with but can keep hair from getting too puffy and unruly.

Wash Your Hair Less

Shampoo can be very drying, especially formulations that include cleansing agents like sodium lauryl sulfate. These shampoos can strip hair of natural oils, which are responsible for keeping hair healthy and also for giving it body and movement.

Removing natural oils from your hair can prevent natural curls and waves from forming. Keeping hair full of moisture is a great first step to encouraging natural curls to emerge, especially if you’re going from straight to curly hair and need to prevent frizz.

If you’re a daily hair washer, definitely cut back and only wash your hair once or twice a week. Go ahead and use a daily conditioner. This will add moisture that is great for curls.

If you plan to add curls to your hair, don’t wash your hair the same day you curl it. Hair that is squeaky clean is slippery and doesn’t hold style as well. It will require a lot more product to hold curls in place.

Hair that was washed even a day earlier has enough natural oils that it will hold curls more easily and for a longer period of time.

Get Bedhead

If you have naturally curly hair, you may have noticed that your curls can look especially full the day after you go to bed with damp hair. Unfortunately, this isn’t a foolproof method.

Depending on how you sleep, your curls may get smashed down. With a little extra time though, you can exploit your hair’s tendency to curl overnight.

Before you go to bed, work a pea-sized amount of hair gel evenly throughout your damp hair. Then take your hair, one lock at a time, and wind it around your finger in a spiral. Secure each spiral with a bobby pin. Repeat until your hair is completely pinned, then go to sleep.

In the morning, you can unfasten each pin and release the curls. Use a curl refreshing spray to give them a little extra lift and definition.

Dry Your Hair Properly

If you have naturally curly hair, your drying techniques may be thwarting your curls. Using a hair dryer can strip out your natural oils, which can lead to frizz.

Even a towel can absorb those same natural oils along with the water when you towel dry your hair. Letting your hair air dry naturally will preserve those natural oils.

However, it’s not always possible to let hair air dry. If you must blow dry your hair, use a diffuser attachment and do it properly. Diffusers add volume and minimize frizzing and other heat damage. When paired with curl-enhancing products, a diffuser can help encourage curls.

Use Curl-Enhancing Hair Care Products

There are several kinds of products that can help enhance curls, some of which can be used in concert with one another. The ones you use will sometimes come down to a matter of personal preference.


Even if you stop blow drying your hair and cut back on shampooing, you may find your hair is still dry and frizzy. Using special oil for hair can hydrate and fight frizz.

Moroccan argan oil is an incredibly hydrating and nourishing product that can be applied to damp hair or be used as a finishing touch when styling curls.

Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt spray is one of the best tools in the arsenal for someone with natural curls or waves. It is a texturizing product that creates volume and lift, both of which are great for letting curls breathe. It has a medium hold, and won’t make hair too stiff.

You’ll end up with hair that is soft and touchable, and not with crunchy NSYNC-era Justin Timberlake curls. Just spray it on damp hair, and use your fingers to scrunch and form curls.

Gels, Creams, Lotions and Serums

There is a wide array of curl-enhancing products on the market right now. The kind of product you use will depend on your hair type.

Gel has long been a go-to for curly hair, but a lot of gels have high alcohol content and can therefore dry hair out. They can also weigh down hair that is wavy and not curly.

Creams, lotions and serums impart more moisture but won’t give the same kind of definition as a gel.

Using a combination of gel and cream can get you the best of both worlds. You’ll get more solid curl definition, but enough moisture to counteract any drying effects.

You can also opt for a spray gel in the root area, which will give you some lift and volume.

Use Curling Tools

While heat-based styling implements can dry out hair, they are also an invaluable tool for creating curls. Hot rollers or a curling wand can help you get tight, defined curls, or can just add body and shape to wavy hair. Smaller rollers and thinner wands will help you get tighter spirals.

Before using any kind of heated hair implement, protect your hair with a heat protection spray. This will help prevent damage and will fight frizz.

Get A Perm

Committed to that curly lifestyle? A permanent wave (or perm for short) can give you long-lasting curls. When you get a perm, your stylist will set your hair in curls with curlers, and then apply a chemical treatment that changes the structure of hair.

Perms can be customized to give you tighter curls or looser waves. It’s a lengthy process, and when it’s done you can’t wash your hair for several days. But once it’s done, you’ll have curls that can last for up to six months with minimal care. It’s an investment of time up front, but will save you hours of styling over time.

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