While subtle, watches are an imperative accessory to have when it comes to men’s fashion. It’s been said that there’s’ only 5 different types of watches that a man should have in his collection, whether you’re a businessman, a party boy, or someone who just likes to look good.

Even though we all have phones, wearing a watch isn’t just about the time. It’s about a conversation piece and an accessory that will make you look sleek and prepared. For some reason, wearing a watch just gives status, and makes people take you more seriously, subconsciously. Let’s get into the types of watches and what characteristics they’re composed of.

Dress Watch

You’ve seen this watch before, and it’s a pretty timeless design. Typically, these types of watches are slim with a minimalistic and understated profile. You’ll most definitely see a metal case, and the standard leather strap, as well as a watch face that isn’t rambunctious. You can get these watches for as little as $50, but the quality ones go for over $100.

  • Where to wear it to: Those that want to look sophisticated during events, and don’t want to look too gaudy, should definitely invest in a basic leather dress watch. From weddings to events that require black tie, these types of watches are best. Even if you’re shooting for a business casual look, this is a great and versatile piece to have.

Fashion Watch

Typically created out of metal (mostly), these types of watches are much larger than your average, and are meant as more of a staple piece. They’re great for accessorizing your everyday look, or sometimes for formal. You must be cautious, though, as this look is very specific, and you shouldn’t incorporate it into just any formal appearance. You’ll find that a quality version of this watch can be anywhere from $150 to $2500 (if you really want to splurge).

  • Where to wear it to: Depending on the design of the face of the watch, and the color scheme, you can wear it in more dress-up type situations. You can wear it with a suit, or with something much more casual and still look great.

You may also see that some of these larger watches are “activity specific”. This means that usually there’s a purpose for wearing one. When you’re a diver, or someone who is into fitness, you’d probably invest in a face as such, but one that’s designed for your specific activity.

Sport Watch

If you think a sport watch and an activity watch are anything in the same, unfortunately, you’re wrong. A sport watch is decent in size, much like their fashion activity watch counterpart, but they are lightweight, and usually composed of slightly different materials such as nylon or rubber. While they are capable of much more when it comes to fitness, like a lap timer, compass, etc., they are much more moderately sized and used for more civilian-like activities (not scuba diving, etc.)

  • Where to wear it to: It’s not really a fashionable piece, but if you’re a gym teacher or someone incredibly active, this is a great watch for you – most are sweat resistant, too!

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