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4 considerations to trim your beard effectively at home

Put two pictures on side of one another; first with Chris Hemsworth clean shaved and other with a nice, short beard. Which one looks hotter? For you, it could be the first one but for all the ladies out there; it’s always the beard.

A study conducted by UNSW researchers confirmed that women found men with beard-especially 10-days-old more attractive. Beard makes you look manly, tough, and masculine. It augments your elegance and enhances your beauty, provided you know how to groom it.

While moisturizing it regularly, applying beard oil to it and combing it regularly are significant practices of getting a nicely-shaped beard, trimming is also one of them. Cutting your beard the correct length and style is necessary for having a beard that makes your face look graceful and alluring.

So how do you do it? Do you always go to a barbershop to have the beard trimmed? What if you are getting late for a housewarming party and need beard trimming? What if you come back home late at night and realize you need a snip for tomorrow’s presentation? Simple – you trim at home. We will discuss today the top considerations that will help you trim beard effectively.

Cut according to your face and beard length

Have you ever considered reading an article which narrates the best beard style for your specific face cut? Only a few do. Every man has a unique face cut which is largely categorized into round, square, triangular, oblong, and rectangular.

For the first two face cuts, you need to shape up the beard so that it makes your face look longer by keeping the sideburns shorter and hair on your chin longer. As for the other face cuts, keep the sideburns a bit thick and trim from the chin area. It makes your face look wider.

The sideburns should appear as a continuation of hair and must not make a bulge. Either make it thin enough that it appears to be just a point at the top of the ears if you have short hair, or let them grow if you are a long-haired person.

Then, there is the cheek line. Choose from curve, step-up or straight design according to what looks most suitable on your face. Usually, thick-beared men prefer a curved cheek line while those with stubble or short beards test with a step or straight styles.

The length of your beard will also affect the method of trimming. People with stubbles can blindly run a high-grade trimmer through their jawline but those with considerable beard hair need to be cautious. They should cut the loose hair first with scissors and then comb the hair to decide on a spline about which they will cut.

Don’t jump straight to it

What’s the first thing a barber does when you sit on the hair dresses chair? He wets your hair and combs it to know your lengths. That’s the same with cutting a beard. You jump straight to the trimming step and you will find yourself in a problematic, not to mention chaotic, state.

Firstly, wash your beard with water which is neither too hot nor too cold and pat dry it in a downward direction. Don’t scrub it forcefully as hair follicles are more susceptible to breaking when wet and this rigorous motion can pluck them out of the skin easily. After this, let them dry in normal conditions for 5 minutes before combing them.

Now that your beard is a bit straight, take a scissor and cut any unruly hair sticking out of the beard line. Then, take a trimmer, tune it to the highest grade and start trimming. Gradually lower down the grade and continue cutting in a face-to-neck direction. After this, raise up your head and cut unwanted hair present on the neck.

Be wary about the mess

Be careful! You are not at a hairdresser’s where you can just go in, get your styling, pay and come back. It’s your home and every mess you make during your beard trimming will be taken account of.

It could be your girlfriend who will be infuriated to find beard hair in the sink or your brother to find a clogged sink as a result of your ‘droppings’. You should be careful about the mess you make. Here are some of the ways of minimizing it.

  1. Use a beard hair catcher: This foldable cloth can be secured around your neck from one end and stuck to the mirror on the other through suction cups. All your beard hair will fall right into the cloth which you can collect and throw in the dump afterward. It’s quite effective and simple to use.
  1. Turn DIY: Take up the creativity of your mind a notch and prepare house-based solutions for this issue. You might not want to spend money on a beard hair catcher so you have to be smart.

One can easily cover the entire counter with some newspapers, towels or unwashed shirts. If you have a pedestal sink, lining it up with plastic bags can also do the job.

  1. Invest in a vacuum beard trimmer: This works by sucking in the clippings just from below the blades which effectively catches about ninety percent of clippings in its storage chamber. Of course, it is pricier but you have to get a trimmer anyhow, why not be a vacuum trimmer!

Make sure you have the tools

The amount and nature of tools for beard trimming depend on the length and type of beard you have. Generally, you will need a trimmer, comb, and scissors. To style up your cheek line, you can have a beard shaper and to nourish a freshly trimmed beard, one should invest in beard oil and moisturizer. This will lubricate the hair follicles and reduce the number of split ends.

Get a properly trimmed beard at home by following these points. Happy grooming!

Written by JHeizmann

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