Blowout Haircuts for Men

Despite the emergence of a great number of new hairstyles for men, a blowout still reigns supreme. The trick is that this fantastic hairstyle can be extremely versatile and can refresh your look in just a few minutes.

Originated in the 1990s, the blowout hairstyle got wide popularity in the early 2000s when the world saw Pauly D from MTV show. The blowout haircut is also known as “Brooklyn fade”, “temple fade” or “taper fade” and it usually looks like the hurricane has just run through your hair, there is a certain charm!

The blowout is a type of men’s haircut which features the mix of longer strands on the top and shorter sides. The top can be styled differently, depending on your wish and preferences. For example, the cut can be messy or combed, slicked back or on an angle, shiny or matte. Everyone can also play with texture, fades and side parts to make the haircut more personal and unique.

Nearly 30 years of experiments with the blowout gave us so many stylish blowout haircut ideas. High, medium, low, skin faded options, mixing styles with or without highlights, layered and textured ones. So, if you are looking for a new stunning hairstyle now, here are some of the best blowout haircuts that will definitely inspire you in 2019.

Simple Blowout Haircut

The blowout hairstyle allows you to have a fashionable modern look and don’t spend hours in front of the mirror. This blowout proves it! Visit a skillful barber who can cut your hair in such a way that it will be shorter on the sides, back and top, but you’ll have some longer bangs.

Messed Up Blowout Style


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This hairstyle is a great option for men who prefer simple, easy and quick haircuts. The blowout that makes you look a bit messy can not only maximize the volume of your hair, but it also can save your time that could be spent on styling. All you need to do in the morning is run your fingers through your hair randomly… and that’s all.

Afro-American Blowout


Men with natural hair adore this trendy blowout style as it helps them create a harmonious look and balance their appearance. Faded sides and back, long asymmetric top and front line up are most suited for guys with natural textured and voluminous hair. Such hairstyle is easy to maintain and achieve right after a shower.

Mohawk Blowout Hairstyle

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Try to mix various styles and get something absolutely new and extraordinary. Give a traditional middle fade to your sides (just the sides!) and style an awesome Mohawk with your long top strands. Be sure the texture and volume of the hair in this blowout cut are going to make you the center of attention wherever you are.

Low Blowout Haircut


If you like classic, focus on this interesting blowout. It is really gorgeous because it balances extremely bold modern blowout ideas and traditional ones. This means that you can do low faded sides and back and leave textured blow-dried strands on the crown to get an eye-catching and a bit conservative look.

Two-Toned Combed Back Blowout

A combed back blowout haircut can make you look smarter and more elegant. It fits perfectly for both formal and informal events. A blonde top and dark roots combined with wind-blown style creates an original appearance. Moreover, a high fade and solid line on the side add individualistic to this cut.

Incredible Spiked Blowout

If you want to escape the traditional way of styling the blowout, you can choose something with a more edgier aesthetic like this creative look. Do a low skin fade, shorten the sides a bit and go extremely wild with the crown part – style it to be upright and bold! By the way, if you want to get this look, you should have at least medium length hair.

Cropped Blowout Cut


Not only men with long and medium length hair can wear the blowout style. A short cropped blowout haircut looks as trendy and charming as any long options. Thanks to its subtle nature, it fits men of all ages and with various facial peculiarities. Besides, this haircut is suitable for any formal and informal occasions.

Side-Parted Blowout with Bangs

Here is a cool way to update the classic side-parted blowout because the hard sideline and long bangs add playfulness to your cut. One low faded side keeps your look tidy and sophisticated as well as asymmetry creates a good contrast which balances the whole look.

Curly Blowout Haircut


It seems that curly hair is just right for the blowout hairstyle and your curls can be pretty easily matched by the blowout. Add a modern stylish touch to your image in order to express yourself and combine your haircut with a beard. Try to cut the lower part shorter, get a line up on the front, sides and back and create a charming long top with a bit of gel.

Bottom Line

Perhaps you have already understood that the popularity of the blowout depends directly on its versatility and convenience. Generally, the blowout haircuts are very easy in maintenance because the only things you really need while styling the perfect blowout are a hairdryer and some pomade or gel. But sometimes it isn’t so easy to find the best-suited cut for yourself.

You know one of the greatest advantages of the blowout hairstyle is that it fits all men irrespective of their face shape, body build, skin color, age or other features. This hairstyle is universal and unique at the same time. The number of possible variations is unending and you get a wonderful chance to find out your perfect blowout haircut that will express your personality and make you stand out from the crowd.

Remember, when it comes to the blowout, there are no rules and no limits to your imagination! Use this as an opportunity and think about getting a new refreshed look right now!

Written by Robert B. Brown

Dermatologist. Researcher. Writer. There are only two things more important than my beard in life; My wife and my two kids. I'm a guy full of surprise. If you don't hear me talk about my hair or beard, it's probably because I am watching the UFC.

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